Month end or what it takes financially.

$ 1,471 Food restaurant Docking Fuel Maintenance Transport Entert. Doctor Comm. Insurance Person. Official
  $ 587 $ 125 $ 145 $ 125 $ 165 $ 53 $ 5 $ 78 $ 47 $ – $ 141 $ –


The saying is true, “You will spend whatever your budget is”. We aim to have our day to day operation stabilized at around $1500 for the four of us. Could we do it on less yes, absolutely, but really life would be less comfortable! We would have to stop eating out altogether, and that is the charm of being away from home. There would be no taxi run for the heavy things, no internet on the boat, no five days in a luxurious marina.

Here is what we don’t do! Eat at fancy sit-down restaurant, have a large daily consumption of alcohol beverage, and shop like at home or in similar stores.

If you like, you can have a Choucroute, in La Cruz like in Munich.

And here is what we do! Haggle for everything, and walk away when somebody doesn’t practise normal pricing structure. Talking of the latest, Mexicans haven’t adopted the double priced menu at restaurants, like we encountered in China. But for the rest, every extra peso they can extract from you is fair game, and sometimes the lack of price being clearly marked makes it easy. So we have learned: to first check all price in a local supermarket which gives us a better idea of what is the value of life. We have some test products, such as one liter UHT milk, a Bimbo integral grande, a kilo of avocado and it enables us to get a good picture for the standard pricing. Our test showed us that the grocery at the Paradise village was 50% more expensive than normal.

Stand and observe, our posture is to just look around and act dumb, easy some will say. And when we are talked in English, we just look puzzled. In the end you will quickly observe what the locals pay, and when your turn comes the price don’t increase. Last we don’t shop in any fancy gringo store or market, when the prices are in US dollars or if we wonder what Mexicans would do with such a thing, it’s a good sign. The hard reality is, the prices get inflamed when it is boat related items and services. For that part, don’t even expect to save any major amount of money, they’ve “got” you and they know it, plus the cost of importing and transport is prohibitive around here.


That’s what it’s all about: Sit back and relax

That was the financial part, which so many dreamers are so worried about. One aspect easily over look, is adapting to a new daily life. You don’t have a job, no structure, you are free, or libre comme l’air! It may seem like everything you dream about, but it takes time to re-learn some of the values we lost so long ago… No you will not find the part you are looking for in the first store, some food item will have to be exchanged for new ones, then time expand and slow down with heat.

When was the last time?

  • You sat at the curb for 30 minutes, to wait for the chicken to be ready from the rotisserie,
  • It took you 5 hours, four bus ride to do your grocery.
  • You walk to the gas station with 6 Jerry Can and the clerk is not surprise.
  • You decided to sleep at 2pm because you are tired. After sleeping 10 hours the previous night.
  • You passed on fruits because the fruit flies were more aggressive than you in the store.
  • You read two books in a day.
  • You don’t have a schedule and the notion of days goes away.
  • The sun dictates your level of willingness to do anything.
  • Your environment change every three days.
  • You stopped the water when under the shower.
  • Internet is back to be on modem speed at time.

This is what lots of us need to re-learn, more than anything else the ability to be “tranquilo” . The financial budget or what boat you have is nothing to worry about.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! (We’ve been learning to be “tranquilo” over the past year since retiring.) Now, have you “ruined” the kids…? 😉

    David & Michelle, currently tranquilo in Whistler

  2. Bonjour Michelle and David, with your sailing experience and if you achieved that tranquilo state you are all good see you in Mexico Soon. The kids yes they are ruined, no inheritances no free university no free lunch life is hard for some…..

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