Maintenance day on all fronts…

Tylenol 3 is my friend or is it SupraDOL Ketorolaco to be more accurate, this should be Valerie’s motto for the day but it’s not… She is not a big fan of pain-killer. Yesterday was the big day, after 3.5 hours in two dentists’ chair, the first step of the process is done. These means two extractions, bone graft 5 stiches and a temporary 4 teeth bridge. In four months, we will be back in Puerto Vallarta for the permanent one.

Here is showing:

One pole too big for the size of the tooth and mouth helping a cavity form, the other one was a root canal done wrongly! Indeed it was exiting by the side not all the way down the root like it should be and which made that tooth wabbly showing the beginning of a crack. This is why the infection in the first place took place.

Nice and clean ready to go. Just a bad souvenir now…

While we are on the maintenance subject, we had a productive day before the dental appointment. Amongst the cruising community, you always hear about how all the stainless rust, we can confirm that but mostly for our cheap one. Our stantions don’t, however the Kayack rack does.

Thus far we have not had much barnacles on the bottom, so it came as a surprise when I started cleaning the waterline a few days ago and got some nice scratches by some. On closer inspection, I discovered that the prop area was a magnet for them and the intake was all plugged up. Another good reason to inspect the underworld more often!

The cheap local is doing descent work, but he travels with you… Best of all, is that even on those days the sky is blue and the sun is hot.

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  1. Yowch!

    I cannot believe that Valerie endured that much pain! I believe that your teeth are wired directly to your soul, and that the pain from a dying tooth nerve is right up there with the worst you can feel.

    Valerie, you are one strong woman!

    s/v Eolian

  2. Valerie has done root canal without or little anesthesia, she is tougher than lots of us. Today no pain medicine, I would be nearly dying but I am only a Man LOL

  3. Richard and Brian says:

    Congratulations to Valerie for enduring the big operation with no pain medicine. Perhaps she’s a bit sorry that the tequila bottle got passed back to Osprey the last time we met?

  4. Not strong enough for Valerie, The tequila bottle was in case you get a fish and need to tranquilize it…..

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