In contrast not all days are sunny…

Yesterday’s post was the dream version of the cruising life, in place today’s post will be more on the real side of the equation. I know my lovely little sister has had enough of the sun and blue sky photos. So for you my dear Sophie, here we are our Sunday weather. It even rained during the night for a good 10 minutes, imagine that! We had to rush and close all hatches in a hurry… This was the first time we saw rain since Ensenada.

What happened here? It doesn’t look too good, does it? Emma had mentioned casually that some rust had appeared in her bedroom after our major wash at the marina, subsequently re-bedding was on the agenda today, a beautiful daughter & father bounding time. While we were at it, we did the entire fixtures on the port side, and tomorrow will be the Starboard ones; I am ready to bet that she can’t wait for it, what do you think? During that time Valerie and Benjamin worked on Science and then the sewing projects started. Two cushions appeared out of an old one, Emma will have some treasures from Mexico in her new home.

For those still feeling skeptical: In the background note the re-installed stantions…

All this to shows you that life is not all margaritas and sunshine! The water was still welcoming after such a hard day at work. One thing led to another, and we had time for a social event on the beach followed by a dinner in town, a lovely productive day. Can’t wait for Monday morning…

Our dining-room view

The blackboard with the specials of the day!

And the kitchen with our lovely chefs

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  1. So there is a few Mondays,
    Did belive that it was all, Fridays and Saturdays 🙂
    and some Sundays, befor a new Friday starts.

    Life is Good.

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