Checking our aquarium

Relaxed and interneted (meaning you can get on the net, you read it first on this page), the day started rather slowly. This was only to get us ready for a day full of activities, snorkeling in the morning at the tip of the bay, and volleyball in the afternoon. Around here, you need to get an agenda or you may forget some commitments, just kidding, the kids do it for us they keep us in the loop. Benjamin’s Physical Education online showed some lacking in team sports, so volley ball on the beach seemed the most appropriate one, and he even managed to serve the winning point.

This was the last day, we will cross path with SV Osprey for a while. And in their “uncanny” style they again found a way to invite themselves onboard. So, for all of you out there in the south Pacific this year, beware do not under any circumstance get the ice cream out when Richard is around or they will follow you… You’ve been warned this was a public safety message. Kidding aside, if you meet them please introduce yourself saying you don’t have ice cream, the rest will be a good laugh. As for Brian and Richard, we wish a safe trip and hope to cross path again somewhere in the world.

And that was another day in paradise that passed at the speed of light.

A good day start at the office, here is the team in their cubicle.

Nice to swim under an arch, the swell make it even more fun.

Lucky we don’t look apetizing to that guy.

Dolphin in the anchorage swimming around for hours. At Seaword you know when they are going to jump for the picture.

Benjamin completing his Physical education requirement.

After all that calories burning, you need an aqua fresca!

S V Osprey

Brian Emma Valerie Richard Laurent Benjamin

BBQ Stuffed red snapper, Bon appétit.