Back in La Cruz….

We couldn’t stay forever in Paradise in fear of upsetting the celestial aligment. The decision was hard to take, but we had to pull ourself from this life of luxury, and social debauchery. Still we didn’t go far, the dentist is awaiting Valerie sooner than later around Puetro Vallarta.

Until the last minute, we used the facility by cutting hair on the dock, washing the boat and clothes, and recharging any items needing. We truly enjoyed our stay and the lap of luxury, and comfort. It was also nice to reunite with friends and enjoy their company over dinner. The wind was driving us towards La Cruz at a slow speed, enabling us to all read or study. When all of a sudden, the familiar sound of a whale got our attention, a few minutes later Mummy and the baby decided to show us who has priority. We didn’t argue and took evasive action. Both poor shots (screenshot from video) were taken from the bow, at a estimated distance of 100 meters it gets your attention, no doubt!

Compliments of Brian and Richard, we got this few picture from our last encouter. In fact, that crocodile was not that small after all, you were right.

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  1. When close to whales, be careful, and do not get to close, and not get between a kid and the mother, with the boat. A søam from the tail is not good news for the glassfiber.
    Sail safe and stay dry 🙂

  2. “A Slam from the tail” 🙂

  3. When we say evasive action, trust me we did so no intention to stay in the way…

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