A relaxed Sunday, but no invite

There was a triple birthday in the family and we didn’t even get an invite. You must think we are really far, and you are right! Actually 55 days via the Panama Canal, although it would have been tight to arrive on time. Thank you for the picture, plus seeing you with a pullover on Skype and the snow in Paris doesn’t entice a trip back home, really. So we’ll stick with Mexico for now.

On our side, while we’re healing from this wound, we had a productive day. Water was made, hulls were cleaned, cupboards de-clustered and trash disposed of. After such an active day and the social interaction of the last couple of days, we prepared for a quiet dinner followed by a movie, in bed at 9pm for a 12 hours night’s sleep. We needed to rest as tomorrow we are moving the house a good 13 miles.