A 3 days crash course in Cruiser lifestyle

Truly, Tenacatita has been a crash course for us on the “cruiser” lifestyle, the one we haven’t experience before. Meaning large number of boats, activities scheduled, events to attend and major human interactions. The kids wanted to be part of the scene, so for a few days we reside in the bay and are enjoying this well-oiled machine. You already heard about the volley ball and bocce ball tournament.

Last night was the raft-up hors d’oeuvres party, in fact there is a mayor with a strict protocle to follow. The trays of food were passed from dinghy to dinghy and stories with introductions were told.

Today was the 3rd International Tenacatita regatta, it is held to coincide with the event conducted every year by the local charitable organization. Which provides English and Art class to La manzanilla kids. We joined the crew and all rafted our dinghies onto another boat in order to get into town with the pangas rented out, who would refuse to ride one of those for 4 miles across the bay in the middle of the night really? Both rides proved to be really smoothed, the pangas are certainly well designed and it showed us how well experienced the drivers are, especially in the surf…

Now, we can say we have done it and we are full fledge Mexican cruisers. It is time to move on before we start registering Benjamin in the local school and get a permananet adress, in other words ….RUN!…. We even had the surprise to meet someone we knew from Vancouver in town, the world is small.

Raft-up illustration (This photo is picked-up from an other blog, as we had forgotten our camera!)

Gun boat and panga, both fast but one cost a little more.

The high school bus, retirement version?

First drink in a bar in Mexico, exciting! *Non alcoholic*

A picture perfect moment, post-card setting

Concert, dance from the children, speech, a great event for a great cause.

The fishermen’s home in la Manzanilla, well not quite… Canadians and US ones at least.