Checking our aquarium

Relaxed and interneted (meaning you can get on the net, you read it first on this page), the day started rather slowly. This was only to get us ready for a day full of activities, snorkeling in the morning at the tip of the bay, and volleyball in the afternoon. Around here, you need to […]

Paraiso anchorage.

Following the funny panga business last night, we were eager to leave Chamela bay. We both had a strange vibe and we normally follow our instinct on land, why be different at Sea? Paradise was not far, only 8 miles away to be precise, and to our amazed eyes we discovered a gorgeous anchorage with […]

Life on the Island

There was not one soul around here, except the wildlife and some pangas, life at anchor the way we like it. The last few days were dedicated to swimming, work on the tan line and discovering the Island of Chamela Bay, watching the sun sets. Let us share the site. Can you find letitgo? It […]