We need to move…

We had mentioned at dinner the night before the possibility of may be move to another anchorage. But the momentum never got traction today, like a propulsion car on a snowy hill we stayed stuck in place…

Because it was Friday, we started our week-end early like it mean something to us. After some minimal tasks, we decided to go explore a new reef. We deployed the mushroom anchor on a patch of sand, I stayed in the dinghy for safety watch  the rest of the family enjoyed a good snorkel. One thing we can’t wait for is the water temperature to increase so we can stay in a little longer.


The pro diver, thanks to their grandparents.

Alive and surrounded by 100’s of fish.

Bring it back resting during our walk.

You head is spinning from the beauty of the place.

Just because, it’s cute.

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  1. I remember that!

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