Turtle day in Nuevo Vallarta….

We are happy to comfirm life is good in Paradise. The only shade in this picture is Science 10… Although it doesn’t stop Benjamin to have fun, it still deprives him of some precious pool time. Not fair!!!!!

The ladies went to an event held at a small beach nearby and organized by a turtle protection organization (AMA), who retrieve the eggs, keep an eye on the nest and bring them to maturity. They then release them under close supervision to avoid most of the predators before they touch the water at sundwon. Hopefully a few will make the trip back in 10 years to mate and then re-start the cycle.

We are surprised, we haven’t been asked to refrain from looking like a ghetto boat in such an environment….

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  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful experience for Emma and Valerie! <3

  2. Hello Shari, Yes we love it and for sure one of those rare moment in life.

  3. Hi My sweet Shari, Yes it was such an awesome experience, something I had always wanted to see. I know you and Fallon would love it too. xxoo Valou

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