The dentist’s waiting room and local’s view.

The signs had been around for a while, but the inevitable was finally here, Valerie needed to go to the Dentist. Not that she wanted to, but unfortunatly the abset was not going away. Plus we are in anchored in a rather modern and populated area, so why not indulge in this pleasure. The search was on, La Cruz had one recommended, so e-mails were sent and answered over the week-end. Monday at noon we were in the waiting room. A woman in a modern and well equipped office was what Valerie found. The verdict was as anticipated, a major infection requiring two teeth to be pulled. Her replacement options were a bridge or implants depending on the budget and time.

While Emma and I waited outside (after visiting the last plumbling store of La Cruz that we didn’t know yet) to our surprise the trees came to life. No we haven’t lost it… but on closer inspection we found out that a family of Iguanas were having their lunch. The timing was right we observed in delight, not your usual dentist’s waiting room.

After hidding from the afternoon sun, our traditional walk took us around the older parts of the village. This photo was taken just before a pack of dog “attacked” and Emma took refuge on a ledge from a minuscule Chihuahua, too bad I didn’t have the reflex to imortalize the moment…

Some of you have asked for some everyday Mexican pictures, the following are your normal 7/11 or “Arab du Coin”, depending where you come from. Every street has one and you can find all the essential inside. Tonight we ate out, found a great taco stand that could accommodate the pescatarians in the family, a concept that hasn’t taken fully yet to Mainland Mexico. The “mainlanders” eat meat, whereas the Baja side stuck more to eating fish and seafood. We learnt to adapt, lucky for us Magnum Ice Cream Bars are everywhere!

Yes, the country is evolving. Subway is around, a funny juxtaposition in this rather conservative culture, plus the cost is prohibitive compared to the taco stand right next door. I would be curious to see the “market studies” done on that one, like the lady at the Gringo Market trying to sell Lasagna…

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  1. Ouch! J espere que Valou n a pas trop souffert! Photos typiques….. Je n arrive pas a croire que Subway s incruste partout:(
    Le taco stand c est sans doute bien meilleur… A quand le *buck?

  2. enjoy,the heat. We had 5 micro planes landing on the sea last weekend, The ice, on the fjord is holding nicely 🙂

  3. We saw our first helicopter in months yesterday, a sign from you I bet…

  4. The Star is here not to worry, in the touristy and larger city no problem to get your fix.

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