New Year Resolutions review and 2013 one’s.

On the first January 2012, we all wrote some thoughts and goal. We didn’t review it during the year and today on our first internet access ability, we retrieved them (Yes that was three days ago). Now let’s see how we fetch and envision 2013.

*L* let’s envisioned the future:

  • Turn left at Cap Flattery for the third time and this time keep going. That’s a big one with lots of ramification. Done
  • Finish the Present list of major upgrade by June and respect budget $20 K Water maker/Anchor chain/outboard engine/battery bank/finish to get spares and all small items. Done In July under budget
  • Have some quality time with my family in a sunny destination. Bingo
  • Learn to relax, reduce my stress level (with kids onboard otherwise it would be too easy) and why not lose a few kilos (end result under 90 Kg). The first part is Done, the second well NOT
  • Get my kids to teach me how to dive to 40 FT. Up to 30 ft in no visibility so we can say Done
  •  Keep the blog going 300 post goals. Done deal

    Now for 2013, for Laurent:

    • Invest properly to have a sustainable life style.
    • Catch a Dorado or Fish using Hawaii sling.
    • Lose the weight finally (end result under 90Kg). More boring you die.
    • Help a local business man/woman with his/her venture. Transporting package for stranger from port to port doesn’t count.
    • Hookah dive or snorkel with some big fish/mammal around and not freak out.

*B* our youngest Son.

  • Scuba dive (hookah system) in water above 20 Celsius. Gladly done
  • Go wonder in a Mexican city and explore the markets. done
  • Play with wild Chihuahuas. Sadly not but I did with a winner dog so if that counts.
  • Do a watch on my own. ( For *B* this means be awake! lol) Done, I also during this time inhaled over five thousand calories in one sitting.

Now for 2013, for Benjamin:

  • Trademark my new slogan “tequila makes me squeal-a”
  • Finally meet some young people my age that are fun and by fun I mean get rowdy like me
  • Get my sister to loosen up and go dancing (even if that means drugging her)
  • Adopt a dog
  • Make sure the dog doesn’t die
  • Update my blog a minimum of twice a month
  • Keep up to date on important political news no matter how remote the location (like Lindsay Lohan’s latest rehab stunt.)
  • Remain slightly sane no matter how difficult how that is with parents like mine…

*E* your oldest Daughter.

  • Create a babysitting business on the water. (any cruiser want a date night?) No young ones around…the wallet is suffering…
  • Get Letitgo into a lagoon. (lagoon in a Lagoon, get it?) No, this one will have to wait until the South Pacific!
  • Find my limit of Guacamole consumption ability. (No! this doesn’t include Pacifico) My threshold is still high, bring on the guac!
  • Achieve B average in my last semester and have all my university admission ready. (under Daddy’ pressure) Hell yeah!
  • See how well I can brush up my high school Spanish, meaning I can barter for that special blanket I so long for… I need the find my perfect blanket first…

    Emma 2013 *on water and then land!*

    • Sorry guys, resolutions are too mainstream. ~~~~*

*V*, keeping everything together

  • Renew our vows on the beach (Our 20th anniversary) – not renewed but celebrated…
  • Learn to cook with 4 new spices to us. – Still looking for them…-
  • Master sprouting (the record of *V* green thumb is poor for the record…) – Tried, learnt it, but my green thumb needs improvement-
  • Get a mother daughter Yoga boat routine. – I tried Yoga, but….
  • Being able to live in a bikini, for 60 days of the year. –Yes-
  • Perfect my traditional flan recipe, once I have tasted many of course! – Making tortillas and cocada de leche at the moment does this count?-
  • Sail with dolphins at our bow! –Yeah!-

*Valerie for 2013* Well I didn’t do too good on the previous one let’s see what I can come up with

  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Keep in touch regularly with all my friends back home
  • Learn to use the Hookah as best as I can to enjoy the underwater world
  • Try to meet with a local family and learn a dish from them, then teach them a French one
  • Remind myself regularly on how lucky we are to be where we are
  • Keep challenging myself

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  1. Yeah the time capsule 😉 good idea…. Bonne Annee a vous et Bon courage pour vos resolutions 2013!

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