New Year Eve

024.28.455N 110.22.786W
This is where we are celebrating New Year Eve 2012. Out of reach and of modern communication, on Isla Del Espiritu Santos, we are basking in the warm water and sun. Life could not be more relaxing for this end of year.
The crew of Letitgo would like to wish you a wonderful year 2013 may your dreams and hopes get accomplished with good health. As for the dreamers: follow your inspiration, your dream, finish those last projects, and get out here. It’s challenging, beautiful, and all sorts of opportunity are all around ready to be grabbed. See you around. Have a great year, “whatever happens is gonna happen out there!”
Later on the day:
After bringing back one hat to its rightful owner, New Year’s Eve celebration started early on Letitgo. By 16.30, the margarita was ready; the boat was squared and secured. The food started flowing, with all our favorites, a 1/2 bottle of wine was sacrificed. By 8.30pm we were in bed, happy to know that a chapter of our life was closing and that a new one was starting the next day! If we had internet, we could review our New Year resolution from 2012. We had some interesting ones last year, but we don’t have access to any network so we will only speak Dineros for now.
This month was our first one entirely spent in México, and it proved to be gentler on our budget. We were able to live under $1000 with exceptional expenses for the prop and haul out of $1212. Did we have to rain in the purse, not really? We are just avoiding expensive restaurants; don’t spend our time at the dock. For the rest food shopping has been rather generous, but we don’t have large liquor bills either. Food $440 Restaurant$101 Docking $0 Fuel $167 maintenance$1324 transport $33 Commu. $64 Personal Items $24
The wind picked up during the night, and I found myself writing this post at 3am in a quiet anchorage with my family sound asleep. My companion: the sound of our fridge compressor and the wind in the shrouds, trying to remember when was the last time we didn’t have to work on this highly profitable day: It must have been in 2005 and sometime around 1990 where we went to France and visited our family… A gust of 22 no 24 knots just appeared, life is so much simpler let’s keep it that way for 2013.
When I crawled back to bed, the curtains in our bedroom were open, somebody else was also listening to the wind, and we slipped back into our dreams, where will this wind take us next?
En Francais: Nous vous souhaitons a tous une tres bonne annee 2013, que tous vos reves et souhaits se realisent. Comme vous avez pu le lire en haut vous avez notre latitude et longitude. Nous sommes dans un mouillage magique entoure de montagnes arides et d’un rouge vibrant, l’eau est d’un bleu turquoise comme nous l’avions imagine? Bref aucun regret, nous sommes heureux de fermer la page 2012 et prets a ouvrir 2013.
Evidemment Laurent est fidele a sa tradition : le BUDGET !! Nous nous y tenons sans probleme, meme avec la petite surprise de nos helices nous restons en ligne? Tout va bien ! OUF? A l’heure ou nous ecrivons le vent souffle, cette nuit Laurent a vu une bourasque de 24 n?uds, mais l’ancre est accrochee et nous sommes dans une enclave super protegee, Letitgo reste confortable. Demain une autre aventure nous attend, nous irons vers un autre mouillage afin qu’Emma continue d’agrandir sa collection coquillage, et que Benjamin travaille sur ses plongeons d’athlète ! Voila a bientôt, et bonnes aventures a vous tous.

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  1. Bonjour!
    Mon voilier est basé a la paz, je suis du Sud Ouest de la france mais vis au mexique depuis 16ans je vois que vous êtes de visite dans le coin ca fait plaisir de savoir que des compatriotes marins nous rendent visite. Je serai ces jours ci sur le voilier si vous êtes encore dans les parages ce sera un plaisir de vous connaître au moins par radio. Mon voilier s’appelle Alas Al Viento2 je pars cette après midi (Mercredi) si tout va bien
    Au plaisir!

  2. What a great piece of writing! You had me with you there in the cockpit.

    Bien viaje y prospero ano Nuevo!

    s/v Eolian

  3. Hello Bob, you are welcome we try to share all the good and the bad.We hope that 2013 will be good to you, your family and Eolian. Not sure if we will cross path this summer LOL

  4. Bonjour Marc, au plaisir de vous rencontrez a La Paz. Nous avons entendu du Francais dans la rue d’une famille avec enfants peu etre la votre. De retour fin de semaine en ville.

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