New Year Day

The wind was still blowing strong for New Year’s Day, so it was an easy decision to stay put and enjoy the well set anchor. Still this didn’t stop us from celebrating in typical Canadian style, with our first ever polar dip (even before breakfast for one of us!) And fresh pancakes!
The day unfolded as one of those fall cozy one; with a blanket wrapped around near the fireplace? well okay almost that way! We simply re-organized our house, cleaning up the lonely cupboard and baked, we all enjoyed the quietness. While Benjamin, being the water-lover he is, decided to go for a snorkel around the cliff. Only to be “viciously” attacked by a blow fish, we heard a scream, then another one? Okay he is calling us, in a flash his sister and Father jumped in the dinghy to go to his rescue while a warm towel was awaiting him! Once the emotion settled, we looked at his pictures and discovered a beautiful underwater world.
That was the incentive we needed, snorkel gears were out quickly and we jumped the four of us to discover the underwater beauty! To our amazed eyes there was a multitude of very colourful fishes. We definitely will have to be back this summer once the water let us play a little longer… By then all our important files were backed up, a warm cocoda de leche along with a fresh bread was waiting for us. If 2013 could be at the image of its first day, please so be it.
Reminder, this post came via the Ham radio this is why there is no photo, please be patient