Intifada in Bucerias….

Today was the yearly blessing of the panga fleet of La Cruz by the local priest, so on we went by bus to Bucerias. The small village was in complete ebullition, the fire fighters were providing security perimeter (completely ingnored might we add) and even the lifeguards were here just in case. The show was ready to start, this entail that the pangas could run at high speed pass the surf and land gracefully on the steep beach. The intensity of the applaud followed depending on the success of the skipper or bluntter. A procession followed with the church figures, we were blessed and the traditions were followed. Now at noon the sun was high, and the beer was flowing like an open bar at a wedding. All of a sudden, while we were trying to escape to a side road for lunch, an altercation happened between some of the Rancheros and a restaurant owner. The horses were getting nervous and fitgity, the verbiage was getting higher, the mamas were starting to yell in my book a recipy for disaster.

The result of this explosive cocktail was not long to show its ugly face, three cowboys got down their horses and caught one of the young troublemaker to show him a good time!! His compairs started to grab rocks and throwing them indiscrimnatly towards them and the crowd. At that point our refex had already kicked-in and we ran from the scene, the federal police was in rather quickly separating the combattents. The situation regaining an air of more serein blessing. Phew! That was enough excitement for the day.

For you my friend Lucas (4 years old) the mexican firefighter

The procession in orderly fashion, then free for all to who was making it to the beach first.


The procession with the horsemen at the back, the calm lasted 10 more minutes.

Now when you see an iguana you know that the dentist office is not far, and you are right. While we admire the rather large specimen, Valerie went in again. Armed with fresh knowledge from a consultation with a dentist friend, we made the decision to wait until we pulled the trigger. Even if we know that those teeth are already devitalized and crowned, they still give problem so we will seek another opinion before we commit to the bridge work. To be continued…