Estuary tour and resort life…

Considering it is our first time ever staying in a true resort, the shock is grandiose! We have never been subjected to a welcome party, a tequila pool volleyball, and continuous “intelectual” stimulation that such an enviroment provides. From morning to night, (no exageration) everything is geared to bring your alcohol level higher than 2 gr., which enables everyone to have a good time, right? No comment…

We did run to the pool around noon, while everybody was eating to soak in that sanitized water. For most cruisers this is the first time we have had our body entirely plunged in bleach water combo, purification you say, we would say cleaning for most… If those poor people knew we took 2 minutes shower every two days, they would be mortified!

After the sun got down a little, we decided to go for an estuary tour. We joined force with Brian and Richard, two dinghys bring a little more safety, as those engine are notorious for letting you down at the right time!! Because of this we had an enjoyable ride, providing view of superb villas, igunanas, and all types of exotic birds and we even spotted one small crocodile. Some must have been waiting for Benjamin to go swimming but to no avaialble.


You may wonder what this is, for Laurent it’s orgasmic, 14.4 volt on float for 6 hours. Meaning that our batteries are 100% charge, this is true pleasure for a cruiser.

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  1. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Hi guys! Living the life of a cruiser does require some pampering!!! Let Ben know that the crocs like to hide in the mangrove roots!!! Something we learned in Venezuela!!! No, we did not get bit but sure saw a few of the big fellas!!! They hide the babies in there and the mothers can be rather protective!!! Safe swimming!!!

  2. Pampered we are, they are doing such a good job that we forget we are in Mexico and get shocked when we get back to the reality.

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