Crossing to the mainland

After a pit stop back in La Paz to pick up an impeller for the booster pump, we are on our way to the mainland. The port captain inquired if he heard it right “Una hora”, yes sir one hour turn around and we are out of here. The most amazing thing, we achieved it. Confirming in the process than a store speaking English add 30% to the price compare to it’s Mexican homologue. Once shame on you, twice shame on me, so we know who will never see me again Lopez Marine. They make West Marine look like a bargain stop who knew it was possible.

Now let’s get back to where we are, we didn’t want to use our engine to cross fresh of your propeller lesson. Well we are not, the wind was forecast to be from 15 to 20 and last night we saw 35.5. So we are definitely not using the engine except to get in the wind to reef. First time ever I got splash with sea water in the face at the steering station.

The sea of Cortez, is like the Georgians Straight on steroid. The wave are close sharp and proportional to the wind velocity, I don’t have to draw you a picture not the most comfortable passage to date. Lucky Letitgo is a sturdy platform and enable us to still live in comfort.

If you ask us where we will land, we still don’t know Mazatlan was the first idea but the wave direction may change the plan for Banderas Bay. At this rate we shall make it Sunday Night/ Monday morning, just in time for the predicted high wind of Monday to Wednesday. The reason we decided to escape La Paz grip before we spent the winter here, where it’s getting cold to our new standard. This post is sent Via Ham radio.