Banderas Bay

In need of water and electricity we decided to make a move to La Cruz, a town that is a little further in the bay. It was nice to have sailed in windy conditions for once, but it doesn’t fire up the solar panel much, leaving us with a deficit that’s hard to fill. Yanmars were brought online and we made our way slowly towards Puerto Vallarta, grabbing every Amperes out of every source.

If you can remember, we mentionned we skipped Maztalan due to a very active dinghy theft season. Being isolated thefts by all accounts, the solution from the local authority was to close the two available anchorages, an easy and simple solution, you gotta to love Mexico! After all we shouldn’t have skipped Mazatlan maybe? As the small outboard has been giving us occasions to meet new friends. Twice now we were able to go to shore, but have needed tows on the way back. The makeshift repair on the electric system in Ensenada needed some work, now is the time to learn this side of the engine I didn’t know.

We were expecting whales and were not disapointed by the show that mother nature but on for us. We saw a few far away full out of the water and spiral dives, spectacular as usual. Flat seas made for easier spotting, still capturing these beast on film is never easy. Here is a extract of what we saw, we will let you imagine what lives in our minds.