Bahia San Gabriel, let’s stay here.

This photo illustrates how our day started; dark clouds and a little rain, in other words not conducive to enjoying the water. This is why we have a To-Do-list! Valerie grabbed her trusted sewing machine, repaired all our clothes that needed mending and created a tablecloth. The custom cushions for the kid’s room will have to wait a little as the sun reappeared mid-day and the water beaconed us. During this time I repaired the gel coat, navigation lights and managed to squeeze in some electronic banking task. A productive day in our old books, it was so 2012.

Now, we’ve never showed this as we only ever mentioned it as the “crazy install” that was done about a year ago. Here it is our washing machine! A treat as every time we make water, one or two loads get done. No need to run around, as it is normally dry and folded by the time we are anchored. Thank you Valerie for providing the inspiration and for nurturing this idea you planted into my head one winter day. Life is even more comfortable on Letitgo because of it.

Now, why would we stay in San Gabriel? It may be because we have had visitors two nights in a row on Letitgo, the first one a French expat that has lived in México for 16 years. He sent us a message and mentioned that he would be taking his boat out of La Paz for a little trip up the islands. He did a pit stop and we chatted, not before gifting us a “French Essentials “survival kit. Including; bread, cheese, saucissons, and wine. Some stereotypes are hard to beat! Thank you Marc, we owe you a lunch next time we cross paths.

The following night, channel 16 came alive with “any boats in the anchorage up for a trade? Cold beers for Dorado!” Done deal, we even threw in dinner for Joshua and Pablo. The homemade pizza was just coming out of the oven when they called. If it continues like this we could become residents here and just develop a parallel universe. This is until the adorable children, start fighting due to cabin fever and we need to move…..

Night Time fish cutting, pro style.