Estuary tour and resort life…

Considering it is our first time ever staying in a true resort, the shock is grandiose! We have never been subjected to a welcome party, a tequila pool volleyball, and continuous “intelectual” stimulation that such an enviroment provides. From morning to night, (no exageration) everything is geared to bring your alcohol level higher than 2 […]

Intifada in Bucerias….

Today was the yearly blessing of the panga fleet of La Cruz by the local priest, so on we went by bus to Bucerias. The small village was in complete ebullition, the fire fighters were providing security perimeter (completely ingnored might we add) and even the lifeguards were here just in case. The show was […]

Banderas Bay

In need of water and electricity we decided to make a move to La Cruz, a town that is a little further in the bay. It was nice to have sailed in windy conditions for once, but it doesn’t fire up the solar panel much, leaving us with a deficit that’s hard to fill. Yanmars […]