What is wrong with that picture?

We had a pleasant sail, with a nice spinnaker run up to 12 knots, we even spotted a couple of whales but no time for a photo, and here we were arriving in San Carlos in Magdalena bay following the fishermen on their way back home with the tide with us.

As we were prepping to anchor, we felt a sudden loss of momentum and our port engine was making an unusual noise! Well, Yes you guessed it our fancy Variprop took a dive and abandoned us right there… Remember I checked it the day before as I had noticed a plastic wrapped around it during a previous sail. I guess that was not enough, we are now left with the one I was most worried about, Murphy’s Law! Now Emma, you will have an extra two props in your luggage, a bit of an impromptu…

All in all, Valerie is mostly amazed to watch me keep my cool, only two strong words and I was back to normal looking for a replacement. Just a few months back, my reaction would have not been the same!

View from the naked Port side engine…

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  1. What is wrong? The water is green and cloudy instead of brilliant blue and crystal clear πŸ˜‰

  2. It is a test, my wise friend. We as newbie need to pay our due, before we can pass on to clearer pasture.

    That or it’s Bahia Magdalena, with spring tide and we didn’t choose where we lost our prop LOL

  3. Be happy, you just past 100days onboard, and only a small prop lost. πŸ™‚
    and it is soon to be christmas time, and a new sailing year.


    its only a prop.

    Merry christmas (just so i dont forget, as we are getting closer, and dont know where to send a card πŸ™‚

  4. Absolutely right you are it’s only a prop, and that the way we are taking it not a big deal. New prop order ship to Hawai will fly to Vancouver then mexico with our Emma.

  5. Impossible de croire que tu as garde ton calme πŸ™‚ l air de la mer et des nvx horizons font du bien a tous…. Bisons a tous les 3

  6. Et oui pas de stress aide a rester calme!!!

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