We all survived, well… almost

The world did come to an end on Letitgo at around 1am on the 21st of December, Valerie started to complain about her stomach and it quickly followed by vomiting. We were afraid that her allergies were getting wider and now adding fish to the list. Fortunately soon after, like clockwork, we heard Benjamin light steps in direction of his washroom and the familiar sounds of relief. My turn was next, they were right and we didn’t listen…

Now we know that the cupid was the wahoo, nothing major but the body doesn’t like it and takes action. We tried to search online, but can only find reference to Histamine poisoning if the fish is not cool down for a few hours. In our case it was top 5 minutes before it got cut 10 in the freezer, rock solid in 6 hours. The first time we ate some we had very similar symptoms, but brushed it off to the sea sickness. The second and third time we ate it, the fish had been rested two days in the fridge before we cooked it and we had no problem digesting it.

Now, here is our question: Do you need to rest your fish before eating it? We do it for the meat, but we’ve never done it for fish. This fish is so good we would hate to send it back to the sea!

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  1. Wahoo, Baracuda….big-hunting-fish “at the end of the line” are fish to watch…esp in the tropics & caught near “land”. Here in Japan even the mahi-mahi from around Okinawa area and/or even from Kyushu can give you the s-h-i-t-s. Or worse.
    Hunting-fish caught far off-shore is usually okay.
    Hmmmm, that’s gonna be a Tofu Xmas dinner on board of Letitgo…

  2. Yes and too fresh don’t help either, So bean terrine with pasta for kwenza for us.

  3. Glad it was only the fish to blame! Just catching up
    Now… Mum has been here the last week. Busy with
    Xmas parties at schools I work at… Xmas shopping etc
    Life is so simple now on Letitgo;)
    We had snow in Vancouver!!! 🙂 I bet you don’t miss
    It… 🙂 I ll write a longer email soon … G

  4. Yes so simple, only challenge trying to keep the snow away.

  5. i LOVE the morning after vomiting i feel so thin. for all you folks fishing try this awesome new fish cleanse it is guaranteed to work!

  6. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    I spoke with a west coast fisherman(brother-in-law)…He askes if you bled the fish right after you caught it? He is not sure why you suffered as freezing fish should kill most bacteria. You are catching one of the preditors and should cook the fish completley, he does not think you should have a problem doing what you are doing!
    Fish well!!!

  7. The fish was bleed immediately and filetted under 15 minutes. And we cook it all the way no raw fish on that one. Strange….

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