Our Baja trip, souvenirs and stops.

Following our tradition of the US West coast trip, here is our souvenir from the outside of Baja. The picture above shows where we stopped on our way to Cabo. Now, let us summarize our reminiscences. Ensenada makes it easy for paperwork, we mean silly easy. Sailing the outside of Baja was a real pleasure in December, no major weather, downwind with following swell. If you are patient, 10-15 knots wind can be found every day. No major obstacle or challenge, the bays are large and the sand grab your anchor with no hesitation.

Out of all the stops only one was not so pleasant: Turtle Bay followed closely by Magdalena Bay. At those anchorages, they are spoiled with all the cruising boats stopping by, due to some events we won’t even bother to mention! The atmosphere is completely different than in any other village; they look at you like a revenue source or as if you hold a dollar sign above your head not as a human being. Our most favorite was Punta Abreojos, where we anchored and stayed a few nights. The village is very welcoming, more organized with a co-op and 40pangas fishing every day. All the commodities are available; we even had our first meal in a sit-down restaurant with fresh lemonades. It is very pro-active and modern thinking and mostly people were happy to chat and curious as much as we are. Isla Cedros harbor is picturesque and brings you back in time a quarter century.

Remember to make a good provision run in Ensenada before you leave, as you will only find the essentials or very little as you go further down. Fishing was good to us or you can buy whatever you need on route, the fishermen love to stop and chat with you. Night watches get more and more pleasant temperature wise, one thing to consider though day light are getting shorter on Winter and make for some just on time arrival. Also mid-way you change time zone.

Once we made it to Cabo San Lucas we realized that we had immersed ourselves in true México and were getting a pretty good idea of what is available or not for food in more remote regions. We would encourage anybody to take the time to discover this part of the Baja. Why rush when there is so much to discover? And it is a good way to get yourself into the cruising mode, we like to call it our detox time…

And on a side note, if we can do it, so can you. It is not as challenging or as scary as it seems.

And just because, I need to excel something out of life. Here are the number.

Engine Time    






Total Time



Point Roberts Marina







San Diego








16 Decembre 2012 Cabos San Lucas










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  1. And what is the plan from Cabo?

  2. Up to La Paz then Mainland for the winter to follow the sun.

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