In Bahia Asuncion.

How do a village nested 100 kilometers from the nearest highway stays alive?

But first we will re-count the battle that Valerie had with a deep breathing swimmer last night. We were ready to go to bed at the unthinkable hour of 19.00, when the discreet splash started. Not long after the deep breathing followed, on all side, we were surrounded. Valerie came out of her slumber with a vengeance and the mission for us to not get invaded by those intruders. She sprung up and with her flash light in hand, she began her investigation. “Nothing, I can’t see anything but I can hear them” to which I reply: “Valerie, it must be a sea lion not to worry”- “No, it’s a human breath!”. Next morning, the cupids were still around: Baby seals and their Mum. Five of them playing under the supervision of Mama and like any other mammals species we encountered in aqua park in San Francisco, they love to play in between the hulls giving a nice echo to their every noise. One more lesson learnt…

How about the economy? Fishing is still alive around here even if not as dynamic as it used to be, therefore we see the Pangas leaving early in the morning at dawn and by mid-day they sell their catch to the middleman truck. In this particular village we have noticed a few services for the community, medical clinic, and a small federal presence and this is what makes the local economy. But this one is well kept, organized and you can feel the pride in their surroundings. No easy money here, but hard earned pesos, with some good leaders. Our walk in the afternoon re-affirmed that feeling, the Christmas lights were being installed by a group of ladies, while the youth was having a Basketball practice. In every place we have stopped we are always welcome with a big smile, which a great feeling.

The rest of the day was spent in the water starting our fitness routine under the guidance of our personal instructor. No need to tell you it will take a few months to get back in any kind of shape. But the water is inviting clear and the seal love to get pretty close. So tomorrow if the wind is not cooperating, that ok we will enjoy this paradise one more day.