Day Two: in San Carlos.

Done deal, we have the propellers, and they are on the way from Georgia to Hawaii overnight, a magic trick that can’t be reproduced everywhere. We just spent an hour trying to re-set properly the starboard one, and at this point I will share with you my opinion the more I get to know those props, the more I hate them! They have created problems since day one, and continued on our last time we were out of the water; we now have to organize a haul out to finish the job properly. We hope we will be able to leap that far without too much trouble, it is a return to the basic no luxury or cheating with the iron genie, like in the book we never read.

Some of our wiser cruiser friends asked “what is it with the color of water?” Well… we know it looks a little unclear in a previous picture and blurry but at least it is clean. Also, we have to pay our due to graduate to crystal clear water, and trust us by then we will have good practice and we certainly are looking forward to use the hookah somewhere where we have more than 2 meter visibility.

Here is our compressor hard at work….

Somebody took the wrong turn today to get fuel in San Carlos.

In the afternoon, we were approached by a Panga and started chit-chatting. They were specialized in crab fishing, and were wondering why we would live on a boat and set away like this! The concept of not having a house, a car, cellphone, no TV made them shake their head for a while: “That’s your house? But for Christmas you will be back to Canada?” “No, where ever the boat is…” As Valerie is allergic to shellfish, the temptation was limited for crab but they kindly offered us the by-product of their catch: a type of blow fish, they were happy to give it to us, and we reciprocate with ice tea and homemade bread we were all happy with our each other’s treats.

So tonight, it was not El Paso tacos night on letitgo (it’s a box you buy in Supermarket, bad real bad). But a wonderful, homemade tortillas and dinner compliment of some generous people (don’t worry Emma we will make you some too….) certainly another great surprise, Thank you gentlemen.


Version francaise:

Aujourd’hui nous avons prepare serieusement la “hookah” (notre systeme de plongee), et les garcons sont descendus afin de remettre en place plus solidement l’helice de propulsion sur le cote tribord. Gros travail, difficile, et penible mais on esperent que cela tiendra jusqu’à notre arrivee a Cabo.

Les helices sont commandees et devraient arriver sur Hawaii dans la nuit…. Croisons les doigts. Emma sera-elle heureuse d’avoir 12livres en plus de bagages ?

Cet apres-midi apres avoir discuté avec des pecheurs, nous avons un fait un petit troc ! Eh oui, un bon verre de the glace et du pain frais (maison s’il vous plait !) contre un poisson blanc. Donc ce soir au menu était tacos a la facon letitgo ! Benjamin et Valou etaient a la preparation de tortillas, quant a Laurent a la cuisson du poisson legerement farine et saute a la poele !… Delicieux Un repas bien merite apres tout ce travail sous la coque du bateau !

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  1. sick taco spread guys…x

  2. Mucho sabor!!

  3. Tom & Jeanne says:

    Hummm…..I did not know that any of the blow fish and puffers here in Mexico could be eatten. Do you know what specise of fish it was? That is cool news that i would like to research.

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle

  4. Jeanne and Tom, no we don’t know the exact specie but we are still alive after 2 days so all good. Skin was grey/green with black spot. small mouth with oblong shape of body. Bone and texture similar to monk-fish with multiple layer of under skin. Now that should help LOL

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