Christmas Day, it’s all about tradition!

So far we’ve been able to escape Valerie’s beloved Christmas music, which has changed today! We were not even awake that the speakers were reasoning of all the classic collections. Christmas day it was, let’s celebrate in our new lifestyle. No tree, nor presents to Benjamin’s disbelief, nothing but our precious children, our family on Skype and the sun.

Brunch compliments of Benjamin, an appetite and ability to cook.

Our present from our children, them lovingly cooking together, a bag of marshmallows was re-discovered in our pantry and rice crispy squares were made. Smores around a fire pit are not so tantalizing when it’s 26 C in the shade.

Now you understand better the difference in personality.

We were joined by Terre and Johnny, the only local cruisers of the fleet for a hard afternoon of non-stop food. Looking at Emma and Benjamin, you would think, that life is a glossy magazine cover page.

Some traditions are harder to lose, yes we did find Foie Gras Labeyrie and Baguette here in La Paz. We can now say we’ve eaten more of it in Mexico than in any other period in the last 10 years outside of France.

Compliments of the Gross Family in Vancouver, we even had a Marks & Spencer Christmas pudding, freshly imported from the UK. Reminding us of a previous life, we didn’t even need custard. Thank you!

This summarized well our new life, the surprise of finding things in the most bizarre of places, meeting people from all walks of life in a sunny atmosphere. In the process, we had to break some traditions, we missed some, others not so much, but new ones were created.

From us to you, we will leave you with the last light of the day, thanks Emma for being back to raise the photo quality of this blog once again.

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  1. I thought you were vegetarian? Some traditions are hard to break hey:)………..
    Same here … Had our oysters, Stephan is doing the foie gras with the chef next week when the craziness is all gone…..
    Great photos.

  2. Foie gras is vegetarian Corn only LOL

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