Cabo San Lucas’ Racket

We were happy to be part of the environment for a little while, Benjamin likes to hang out at the resorts and we like the warm water, but we only lasted a day and half… the shine and lust of the implant didn’t grow on us…

Let’s just say that our stay in Cabo was slightly tinted by the attitude of some who unfortunately spoil it for the rest. We had been warned, there was a Panga going around and asking for money to anchor: for the “modique somme” of 20$ US per night, surprised! Needless to add we advised them that we were in contact with the port General manager, and were waiting for an e-mail from him, interestingly they disappeared faster than their own shadow! Well, come on let’s play the game a little longer, we like it, we are French it’s part of our culture also. But they must have decided that it was not worth it, the official price we could find online is 60 pesos, which is 4 times the price, give me a break you are pushing it too far.

But life goes on, and it is after all the *spice* of travelling, our mission this afternoon was to purchase some regular gas, we know the liter is 10.50 pesos at the pump. And what were they charging at the marina? $16.00 at the dock and to stop your dinghy it was another 30 pesos. You know what Cabo San Lucas? You are not that cute and we are not American gringos “fresh off the boat” for a week with cash overflowing our pockets.

Nice try! For that matter, we will set sail tomorrow first thing, and you just lost 7 days of us spending money for re-provisioning fully, transport to airport and some clothing. Plus it was Christmas, so we would have gone out to celebrate!

Okay enough ranting, Valerie says Letitgo…

Now let us share with you what is really going on in our lives, other than us walking romantically hand in hand along the beach. Ahhhh the fine sand…


We are training hard for the synchronized diving team.

Here is Benjamin filming, and he is so goofy that he can’t keep out of the water…











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  1. Merry Christmas
    and stay safe.

  2. Happy Kwanzaa

    And be safe on that platform of yours.

  3. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Good on you guys for saying no to the pick-pockets who stay in the open and abuse the cruisers! We have called the over-pricing “Tourist Tax” and it seems, no matter wher you go, there will mostly be someone trying to take advantage of you. We much prefer the barter systom, trading is always good!!!

  4. We believe in rewarding hard work, paying market price for shrimp to a fisherman directly YES!!! Abuser of the system not if we can!!! The general manager of the Port never answer our e-mail Strange….

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