Daily life in La Paz

Video from haul out posted from Haul out Day 2 In your everyday life it is known that we learn something new every day, and today was no exception it was more professional though!… This saying painted prominently on a restaurant wall, made it rather clear, no ambiguity there, you are told beforehand, deadly efficient, […]

Day 2: Haul out

The paint is sharp and bright so it must be all good, right? And the word might have been going around all over La Paz, because there has been more painting/refurbishing going on than anywhere we have been! But luck was with us today and we made it back in the water with no trouble. […]

La Paz.

Here we are! To welcome our daughter after all; we arrived late afternoon in the anchorage. Nothing much to say, the fridge and pantry are definitely empty, we need a city for a few days at least. We haven’t seen that many boats in one spot since San Diego, a little intimidating, how long will […]

Los Muertos

How appropriate is our location “the Bay of Dead”, for us to spend the last couple of days we have on Earth. With the end of the world approaching, why not enjoy it in a place that tells you the truth right away. Even with the new name, that developer gave to it “the bay […]