Viva la revolution and Benjamin decides he wants to go to school in México

Nothing like a parade to show the characteristics of a society, and we sure enjoyed that one. What a treat we got to see all the colours of Mexico, as they celebrated their revolution while Ensenada was the chosen location for the region. Everyone was there: the local Armada detachment followed by the schools and various clubs and associations. Undoubtedly you can see a progressive youth in the country, an education system still based on firm discipline, even if some didn’t show a major enthusiasm for it. We were pleasantly surprised to discover a successful integration of the disabled and seniors, as they were strongly applauded along the way.

Not to worry, they don’t dress like this every day to go to school, and like everywhere else on the other side of the sidewalk

They got “teased” and waved by when their friends… It almost felt like “kits High! ”

Those are not cadets of various army corps, but the “war orchestra” of every public school.

Yes they wear Sombrero in Mexico, a perfect movie caractere.

The senior citizens with their beauty queen.

Not everybody is impressed with participating in this event! We saw, a few earphones, some texting and I don’t care attitude, *arrgh* teenager are alike world wide.

The americanization of Mexico, we are not that far after all.

And finally we are still celebrating the revolution, so the caracthers were present from all age group..

Simply adorable.

After all this, Benjamin decided that he wanted to integrate a Mexican High School. We don’t know if it was the discpline, the marching bands or perhaps the uniform that inspired him!? No problem, we can arrange that in La Paz…

But first you need a good hair cut, here we are done! Boat side on a moving dock, bravo to Valerie.

Oups neverming, that’s not what we meant Benjamin just wants to learn Spanish.

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  1. Super les photos cela donne envié pour une visite plus approfondie

  2. On est pret, quand vous voulez !!!

  3. Dean S/V Solastra says:

    Good to see you taking in the sights and sounds of Mexico!! There is so much to see and do, that is why we kept going back for the winters. Learning Spanish is helpful and it is good to learn your numbers first, especially on the stores when you need to order things by weight. Also good for the barter system when looking for a good deal! Valerie’s skills keep suprising me!!! We didn’t know whe was a barbor as well!!! Talk to us soon!

  4. Lucky for us the french education system gave us a chance to learn three languages and one was Spanish for us. So we got the basic and a little more, now need to get the rust out of the gear.

  5. Those people down there just LOVE parades it seems. I like to see young people out and about doing things like that and not always in front of the TV or phone.

    Probably no better way to learn Spanish than to enroll in a Spanish school…

  6. It was a Tuesday work day and the parade was well attended so for sure they like it. For Benjamin just go to High school, but the idea may not be the most popular LOL

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