This one is for the feminist movement

I am already in trouble, my editor went on strike!! Oh well…

We have seen the crew during the last few days, we heard the roaring engines, now we can say we saw the beast or add an “r” if you wish. Ensenada is in ebullition about the Baja 1000, it departs tomorrow and this afternoon was the inspection day.

A street festival was in full motion when we joined them around 2pm, the concept of beer garden hasn’t catch on here and it was flowing from everywhere for anybody… The municipal and federal police were out in full force trying to keep the situation tranquil. Admittedly our special award goes to the marketing department working for the companies involved, they certainly know how to attract the market from teenage boys and “macho-men” no sorry men in general. They didn’t get the memo about politically correct yet, hence a colourful event with a lot of “style”…. Ahhh I am feeling nostalgic already, nothing like the old days! Did you hear you cringe?

I told you it was a great event; even the little kids get to pose with the young ladies. Although our most favorite was the show on stage, it took us a little while to understand the concept. We will try and explain this to you: A woman slaps a man on the face, and the man slaps the woman’s butt! The couple who gets the most cheering wins, you get the picture? Amazingly easy to get people cheering, I think we might try it next time we are at a boring party! I really love this country, good old simple values that were ruined by equality and closed mind of our country.

Oops, with all this I nearly forgot to show you the start of it all! Emma, here is the beetle of your dream:

Of course during that time Valerie was where she should be! Not in the Kitchen, you “matcho”…

Instead she was working really hard on repairing the sail bag I ripped!!

I told you the good reflexes come back quickly.

Sorry dear, yes I will, Please let me do the dishwashing and I will take the trash out. Back on track, sorry it must have been a dream ……………..

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  1. Nice weels and bumpers.

  2. LOL that one way to see it

  3. Heureusement Laurent que tu as une Bonne couturiere! Et comment as tu dechire la voile? 🙂

  4. Je croyais que tu voulais une faire une petition contre de telle manisfestattion LOL Non pas la voile juste le sac de voile, et oui je suis chanceux.

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