On the road again: from Ensenada to San Quintin

Undoubtedly we could have stayed longer and enjoyed all the friendships we had made but the call for warmer weather is building up stronger and we untied our lines around noon. Unfortunately, we scared ourselves at departure as we touched the dock from the surge coming to the side and heard a light crack! *Nooooo!* we touched the dock electrical connection; quickly we went on reverse and pushed ourselves out again… Rogelio, we are truly sorry for the trouble we have caused now and even more so because we couldn’t come back at that point! A few minutes later on our way out of port, while taking this picture I exclaimed “Oops, we left port on a Friday!” naval superstition dictate that you are not supposed to, well we did it… Will we survive the rest of the trip without incident?

Two monster cruise boats are in port, the city is not the same beware.

The weather was gloomy for our departure; it was still grey and foggy!

We need to get further south!

The wind was as predicted and enabled us to sail gracefully until 1 hour out of San Quintin. And here are our challenges of the day: The Water maker was commissioned, that was the easy part, and the second one was getting Benjamin’s bin bag out of the lazarette, simply another story! It took us two hours of different trials technique to finish by emptying half of its content; I let you imagine the rest, carefully we had the bins in garbage bags…

Yes we are back in the “Ch’Nord” Dear Family, San Quintin is a superb 5 mile sand dune beach. Our reward? A lazy afternoon, relaxing, reading while Valerie was watching with the corner of her eye the surf crashing on the beach pondering : “Will we be able to make it!?

Dinner time was on Benjamin’s mind: one his Grandpa Summer vacation’s secret recipe was cooked. Can you believe it, we had flake mashed potatoes, which sent us back 30 years ago…. We also thought of you Michael and Mary Jo! Indeed, we prepared plantain chips which reminded us of another life back in the cold weather when you shared with us this taste of Island. And on the food subject, it is for us around a table that we create the best memories and share great meals that we will never forget. That is the case again with Sophie and Oleg, twice we had Foie gras during our stay in Ensenada, and never would we have thought to eat Foie gras in a port North of Mexico! With that said, we would like to thank you Sophie and Oleg, for your generosity during our stay. You showed us the true face of cruising and we hope that after 40 years on our boat we will have as much energy and fun as the two of you. We have a few magazines for you next time our path cross, and forever foie gras will be linked to Kotik and you two for sure.

Going to the supermarket here is like being back in France, all the classic staples are available and interestingly enough we are more familiar with those brands than to those in Canada. Plus we are re-discovering what vegetables and dairy should taste like! Indeed we had not been exposed to that in a long time even when you eat *organic*. Cooking is back to being fun, no pressure and we cook whatever we find at the market.

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