From Avalon to San Diego:

Were you missing us? Three days without a post, what’s going on with the “Letitgo” family? Well nothing much really, we are just moving along the coast going further south and following our latitude reduction program! Before anything though here is the moment we have been waiting for the last 2 years: Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you think happens once you pass the three mile line after Avalon? Not so fast young man, we want to keep a bit of suspense, after all we don’t want anyone to just skip this post after such a revelation!…

First, some thoughts on why some prosper and some don’t. As you may recall we have been working in the hospitality industry for a number of years, to be more precise since high school, and during this time lag we have been in more training sessions/academic lectures on customer service than we can actually remember (even after a few Pacifico Beers…)

Side note (Laurent’s sub conscience is talking): **why don’t you try in Mexico next time you see us? – Already thinking you will make it to Mexico, Laurent! Hold on you still have around 43 miles to go, one more big city stop, lots of marine shops, and a few errands. And last but not least, one international airport drop off where one family member will take off. Can you believe it? You will be leaving the comfort of “home” for unknown country, moving away from your comfort zone! Will they give us our exit papers or let us in? Kidding it’s just another
move in our life for us; we love it and thrive on discovering the less known. **

Well, well! Let’s get back to our subject here: Forever we have been taught that the first and last impression can make or break a deal. And have we ever been subject to this over the last few days. It only takes one person/host to destroy the hard work of an entire community with just a few words and no smile. Truly, it is people who make a place charming whatever the beauty; and whatever the gimmick to get you to come in, if the human relations are mediocre it will leave a sour taste in your mouth… So even if you carry a title, drive/sail a boat painted red, please be nice to visitors. The rest of the community relies on you to make a living out of the “Tourist industry”: Don’t spoil it, because you haven’t had a pleasant time or any kind of pleasure at home or anywhere else for a while. This goes the same for the bartender in Yacht club, it’s not because we are not regular members that you should be rude. Clearly times are hard therefore you should make an effort to attract new members! Good luck on that task Commodore…

Then again, this is the beauty of living on a boat and the cruising lifestyle if we don’t like the neighbourhood, we move, easy as that! The local economy doesn’t get its quota of our dollars, we don’t get miserable and irritated we simply raise our sail and get back at sea! At this point, we’d rather surround ourselves with a welcoming environment, no need for stress or rudeness, enough said; this was my 2 cents rant!

Sunsets are still beautiful, the sun keeps coming back day after day, along with blue skies…. We are now on our way to San Diego, for our last stop in the compound, it is also where Emma (our daughter, the photographer) will leave us for a month to go on vacation: well you know you need to take a break from the break!!

On that note: For the moment of truth, this is what we discovered when we opened the valve in Avalon at the three mile line: a beautiful fluo green panache… It is now time to go!

En Français:

C’est quoi cette couleur verte ? Bon, on ne va pas tout vous dire tout de suite… Attendez que l’on vous explique !

Alors voilà : Nous avions encore deux arrêts avant San Diego mais vu l’accueil des yachts clubs nous ne sommes restés qu’une nuit chaque et avons de nouveau largué les amarres en route vers San Diego.

En un mot, les deux précédents clubs nous ont reçus sans trop de chaleur, ils étaient même carrément péteux et puis il n’y avait rien à voir alors pourquoi rester ? Les camps militaires… non pas vraiment une attraction! Et ça c’est l’avantage du bateau, ça nous plait on reste sinon on hisse la voile et on déménage !

Sur la photo au dessus, vous pouvez voir la couleur qu’ils nous avaient mis dans nos tanks de toilettes à Avalon. Ceci étant pour s’assurer que chacun respecte bien la nature et que rien ne soit déversé sur l’île. Aux US comme au Canada il est impératif (sous peine d’amende) de vider ses « tanks » uniquement après les fameuses 3nautical milles de la côte.

Donc nous restons à San Diego jusqu’au 8 novembre, nous laisserons Emma à l’aéroport (eh oui elle a besoin de vacances durant ses vacances!) ensuite nous reprendrons le large vers le Mexique, on déménage pour quelque temps ! Avant cela, il nous faut refaire le plein de courses, quelques achats de pièces dans les « marine-store », et des réparations…

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  1. I also kinda have a fear of not liking certain places we visit. Tate always reminds me “That’s the beauty of cruising, if you don’t like somewhere, you can just leave.”

    I personally think everyone should be mostly nice in the world to everyone. I have a hard time understanding why some people just aren’t. It’s so much easier!

  2. Dani, diversity and different vision of life will be with us forever but the diagnostic of mental illness is the real problem. Some people have more challenge than other and some never been told full stop.

    Somebody today, just tested that with me and my “French Mental illness”

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