Celebrating our 3 months in this life!!!!

Our overnight to Cedros Island marks our 3rd month of cruising; we are still toddlers and count the month instead of the year for this part of our life. During our short overnight, we had an overall nice and easy sail with good winds, the catamaran loves 120 degree angle of wind or 180 wing on wing, and we got it nearly all the way! But the best for them is when they are on the road, 13 knots over the ground, that what we call *rapido*… What you don’t believe me? Here is the proof on screen. The Gps played silly for 10 minutes and then came back to normal after.

On our arrival, Valerie in her best Spanish got us the authorization from the harbor master to anchor in. No need for a word of English, very impressive. We discovered a small village of 1000 people, the port is in full renovation and the city is getting paved road.

If you see the whale you win a kiss, come and get it.

The village seems to live off a little fishing and some tourism but really not much more. To our disbelief, we still noticed the flat screen TV and the electric Jeep for the kids. Those are compliments of the “rich” relatives in the States, no doubt, and the dead giveaway is the Sky parabolic dish on the roof instead of the local one. But before our short hike, we were involved in much dreaded activity, you might have guessed? The Jabsco pump from the kids’ bathroom! This one had not been flushed properly and got “clogged” faster… Let’s just say that for the next few weeks Benjamin saw his turn for dishwashing greatly increased, quite the privilege! They had been warned, they won the lottery. Talking of money, here is the summary of our expense for the last three months.

Food restaurant Docking Fuel Maintenance Transport Fun Doctor Comm. Insurance Clothes Official


$ 1,832 $ 644 $ 267 $ 300 $ 288 $ 126 $ 147 $ 60          


$ 5,631 $ 1,035 $ 348 $ 144 $ 288 $ 359 $ 163 $ – $ 18 $ 14 $ 2,600 $ 662  


$ 1,750 $ 425 $ 352 $ 250 $ 100 $ 456 $ 15 $ – $ 19 $ 42 $ – $ 4 $ 88


September was no very real, Oct was exceptional due to insurance and being in the states, November is getting more sustainable in the long run. Yes, I still have some excel files working, can’t just quit cold turkey!!!!

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  1. SoonSailing says:

    Your blog is so inspiring. I enjoy each day waiting to see what you are up to and how it’s going. I know that I got frustrated with fleet, but I’m truly wanting to do this too. Keep posting. We too will join soon on the great adventure of cruising.

  2. SoonSailing says:

    I’ve so enjoyed hearing about the experience down the coast and to Mexico. Benjamin definitely has a way with words and a wisdom beyond his age. Emma has the eye. This does not happen without parents with inspiration to explore. I hope we meet again one day soon. I will try not to be so shy.

  3. Fleet and BCA make it so easy for us good school. after that you just adapt to your needs. For the rest it’s easy with a bit of planning!!!

  4. So $600 on clothes in the States, $ 4 only since Mexico:) Did Valerie blow the budget with a last stop @Anthropologie? 🙂 fortunately Laurent you’re heading to hotter climate! You might only need a speedo after all ! Sexy 😉

  5. One more question: what’s the red line on the GPS ? Your track?

  6. Actually $500 of it was snorkeling gear for the entire family LOL the rest Target an exclusive shop as for the Speedo I prefer nothing

  7. Those are the road at a lower scale. We still follow the rule on land

  8. Your 90 days matches our 900 days – Happy 3 months!

  9. Congratulations to our older and wiser friends LOL

  10. Of course I know Laurent you prefer au naturel 😉 I still remember those days in Bearsted!!!:)

  11. Ealing Broadway to be exact!! but this is a family blog after all LOL

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