Bienvenido a México!!!

We left our daughter in the lounge of the San Diego Yacht club at 5am… What kind of parents are you! Who does that? Well, now you know: us, the parents on “letitgo”. For those who are wondering, she is back in the city and doesn’t miss us a bit… Although we will all miss her wonderful photographic talent! As we were leaving, it was pouring rain like we haven’t seen since leaving the PNW, a sign that we should be moving on, so at 5.10am we untied our dock lines, and we left in the dark watching the beautiful sunrise and made our way toward the imaginary line of territorial separation.

One last military boat!

Sorry now the last one, they are serious about not been invaded.

At 7.30am on 8th of November, we dodged the last reminiscence of the war machine that employs half of San Diego. The dolphins were on cue; the flag was dropped and replaced. A kiss was exchanged to celebrate; unfortunately as the days are getting shorter we rushed with an average of 6knts toward Ensenada Harbor and made it in just on time before dark. Unexpectedly we discovered that in the berth next to us, there was another lagoon 380! It is, the ex: “Just a minute”, we knew we were going to meet them eventually but didn’t think it was going to be so soon.

When your flag starts to look like that, it is time to leave!

Mexico it is!

A quick walk around the streets revealed a very fast progressing city, quickly we found a delicious smoked tuna, we tasted our first Barria followed by a Mac Donald Sundae to satisfy Valerie’s craving who has been deprived for so long…

Our week-end will be a busy one! In fact, we are the guests of the Baja Ministry of tourism and the port of Ensenada… So, for two days: we are wined and dined, shown around the local attractions, how lucky is that? No we have no plan on purchasing a time share; this is just a Fam. trip. And for that we want to thank you Rogelio, what a treat to include us so generously in this event.


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  1. Awesome! Farewell to the USA and hello to Mexico. Amazing how far you’ve gone so far.

  2. Debbie Nathan says:

    Welcome to the next stage of your journey. Bievenido. Love to all.

  3. Thank You Debbie.

  4. Thanks Tate, but the budget busting price of the USA give you an incentive to get out of here LOL

  5. Tom & Jeanne says:

    Welcome to Mexico!! perhaps we will see you if you come around the corner and up to La Paz. Have a great journey south.

  6. hello Jeanne and Tom, no worry you will we have a few question for you LOL

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