Two passions in one…

We can never escape our past, and when a jet flies overhead the family is wide eyed. That is why this morning; we had to get out of the comfort of the Encinal YC early to catch the tide and beat the traffic including the setup of the safety box. All to reach Aquatic Park in the midst of the chaos. Yes, we scored a permit for the most sought after location in the city. The program is simple, the air show and America’s cup for the next three days!

Impressive when close by.

The French team in action or inaction we haven’t seen them a lot on the water

Now that’s a view for lunch.

The sunset cruise, the America’s Cup’s way.

We hope you are ready and love planes. It was training today; Blue angels and the F16 were out in full force.

Nearly Mach 1, we saw the cone forming.

We really don’t mess around when we celebrate the return of the Commander in Chief do we?!

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  1. Fast on water, and in the air, nice.

  2. One make less noise, your choice lol

  3. Debbie Nathan says:

    Fabulous pictures Emma, so glad you have Valerie back. Laurent I sent you birthday wishes on your birthday but for some unknown reasons they didnt go through, so here they are again Happy 29th Birthday.

  4. Thanks Debbie see you soon

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