Official opening day.

Officially fleet day open today, we know it doesn’t fill like it. Having been in the middle of it for two days already. So what happen? Your friend on Scootfree joined us here and we shared the excitement all together. Three boats were dragging toward them, so they relocated and rafted with us. A few hours later, it was our turn to have to do an emergency re-anchoring. But the day was magic, blue sky, plane and Ac45 racing, what else could we ask for.

With no further due, we will share with you the new item from the air show and some exciting America cup action. It all started with the parade of boat, fire truck first of course. The cute uniform were everywhere for you ladies.

For you Ross, the west coast Canadian Navy boat was in SF this week-end nowhere else.

B2 bomber, you are dead before hearing it.

The patriot showing off the L39

747 for today, thanks United

Now that getting closer to the action.

The shore is pack and we are surrounded by 50 boats.

Fat Albert was around to show the 45% take off

Pour toi cher pere, le chic du chic pour le nom d’un bateau

Now we are talking action pack, Team New Zealand was in high spirit.

Oracle not so much, reminded us some souvenir.

Wow, what a day non-stop action in the air and water. We need a rest, some quiet time, well that will come for now let’s enjoy it, that why we travel to see action, thank you San Francisco.


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