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Long beach To Santa Catalina island Avalon

Re provisioning was done, the water tanks filled, it was time for another destination. We took off in the fog and had a very enjoyable beam reach sail en route for Avalon. Avalon is legendary and famous among cruisers which usually is synonym in our view to overdeveloped and over run by franchises. But we couldn’t miss it, Letitgo took charge of the helm and remembered its prior life as it had spent most of its week-ends there. In truth, the previous owner spent so much time on that route, that he decided to dig deeper in the settings of our Raymarine regarding this way point and opted for a martini glass mark instead of the usual red cross!

The harbor patrol was there to greet us at the entrance. Note that at this time of the year you pay for the first 2 nights(just say two nights)and you can stay for an additional 5 nights for free. Because we had never moored on a double mooring buoy, the official kindly offered assistance in the setup, which turns out to be really easy! A tablet/dye was placed in our heads (toilets) in order to monitor any discharge, “Welcome to Avalon!”

From the boat, approaching we could see a charming village that respected a few planning rules and didn’t go the exponential way.

To our surprise we were welcomed by an other Canadian boat, fellow cruisers on sv Euphoria whom we had not seen since our days in Point Roberts. Quickly we dispatched the dinghy and made our way to meet them and went to shore; Lynn and Dean your names were pronounced a few times, We all hope to see you soon in Mexico!

The cruise ship and the last two ferries had just left, enabling us to discover a delightful ensemble of houses; and reminding us more of Mexico than the normal USA tourists towns or even a Greek island. Our walk rewarded us with superb orange colors in the sky, an overview of the harbor and some nice winding streets roamed by golf carts. Avalon you deserve your status, even if touristy you have kept your charm and we Thank you for that.

No photos for the day, there is no internet connection…

En Francais:

Depart prevu tot le matin apres avoir refait le plein de courses nous sommes partis vers Avalon, Catalina Island. Nous voulions retourner sur les premiers pas de letitgo lorsque notre bateau etait avec son ex-proprietaire! Nous avons ete tout de suite accueillis par le “harbor patrol” qui nous a dirige vers notre bouee d’attache.

Quelle bonne surprise, nous nous attendions a une ile super touristique, bourree de restaurants hypers-chers et des franchises…. Mais non, Avalon a su preserver son cachet et son charme. Village charmant a flanc de montagnes entoure de petites maisons toutes differentes et pleines de couleurs. De la nous avons retrouve un autre bateau canadien, que nous connaissions a Point Robert et qui etait parti de Vancouver en Aout.

Ce matin, beau soleil, Emma et Ben sont dans l’eau avec masques et palmes a explorer les dessous du bateau! Au programme ce jour: une ballade en montagne… Pour les photos il faudra attendre notre prochaine connection internet!

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  1. Debbie Nathan says:

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween, love following where u are its AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Dean & Lynn S/V Solastra says:

    Hi Everyone!!! Good to hear you met up with Euphoria!!! So, we were topic for discussion??? Hope it was all good stuff.. lol.. We still follow your site, have not put as many messages to you as we were busy winterizing Solastra and getting ready for the trip back to Manitoba. We will see what the winter brings and just how much we can learn from Fleet. Let Emma & Ben know we still enjoy reading their entries!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Only one question When are you leaving LOL

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