Morro Bay to Port San Luis

Pour la famille, finalement je prends le temps de vous traduire le billet, vous le trouverez en bas de la page. Pas facile avec les accents…

We left the tranquility of Morro Bay for a four hours cruise, in hope of finding the best little town with a lovely anchorage! Well… that what we thought, the picture below shows you the way we ended our day! Some of you already know that under our bed is the warehouse for spare parts…so something must have happened. Yes indeed, we scratched one item from the “One day, it will happen, just wait” list.

But let’s not tell you all the fun stuff right away and get back to the enjoyable part of the day. An idyllic sail no oil was burned, just a nice push from a strong wind, one of our best day sail so far. We passed in front of a nuclear plant hidden away behind some hills. It seems it is kept away from any curious eyes so that their inhabitants will forget it’s even there! However the behaviors of some species were still bizarre….

We arrived in Port San Luis, and the badge gun tooting “harbor master” “greeting us” and told us quickly where to go, as we got a little confused in identifying the transit anchoring location…. You see for us Canadians; we only know two directions South and North, East and West are optional in the curriculum! Why would we ever use it anyway? Finally, we found our spot and settled our anchor in 25ft of water.

There again was an Australian boat we had seen in a previous anchorage (Awwwsome Deb! They even have vegemite…) we wanted to go say “hi” and introduce ourselves. Very kindly, they invited us for a beer, but we declined. Indeed, we were excited to go visit Avila. Poor decision Bad decision number one: Really, who refuses a beer at 5pm from nice people? Anyhow, we then proceeded to approach the beach, not scooting the pier for landing possibility! Number two poor decision… And for the rules of three (Jamais deux sans trois!) the third and fatal one poor choice, we were planning on beaching the dinghy! I can hear the pros starting to laugh now… And that’s ok it happened to you as well. We proceeded to land the dinghy, 1-2-3 the dinghy was upside down with all its occupants. No! this is not supposed to happen now, only in México when the water is warmed and we are wearing swim wear. Luckily we were paying attention in class, and Emma was wearing the waterproof backpack on her back with the entire valuables. Still next time, we will secure glasses and shoes better. All was retrieved though, only losing a sponge in the action, not so bad…. Of course we wanted to get back to Letitgo quickly the sun was setting at that point, and we flipped it once more… Finally, we remembered the detail about: observe the surf and run like hell when it’s a small one. Stop laughing Rae, please!

Can you tell who has been rowing??

Pete! You inspired us…

Of course, the engine has died by now and we had to row back. How did we get this picture of three wet tired soul? Mr. Benjamin had decided to stay onboard; his intuition had told him that something was going to happen. What ensue was an evening of rinsing fogging and drying the engine, before a soup was consumed and a good night sleep was had by all.

Today was more carburetors cleaning fuel replacement and cord pulling before the engine came back to life. This is when you are happy to have spent a while back two Saturday in a basement taking apart outboard engine. Ron thank you for sharing your knowledge, you saved the day.

In the meantime, our Australian neighbours were also having an issue with their main engine and borrowed our diesel jerry can to expedite the refuelling process. We later learnt that the same Badge
and gun wearing individual refused to sell them fuel via this mean, and they needed to bring the boat over. Well you see they don’t have an engine and you didn’t let them anchor close to the fuel dock last night! Do you see a pattern here? Mm… Gun and Badge plus small p….s doesn’t work.

We still wanted to go visit Avila so we were getting ready for another trip, indeed we had noticed that there a pier with a ladder coming up for us dinghies… Perfect, you think. The only problem being that you need a double mooring setup in order to leave it, all of that with a swell and roll… In other words I dropped the three most respectful members of the tribe for some re-provisioning and made my way back to Letitgo. We had invited Lorie from Third Day to come for dinner with her children, but the swell had been so strong all day that it left her feeling sea sick, she had decided to stay on land for the night. We don’t blame her and because we had no more reason to stay in an unwelcoming rolly anchorage, we decided to get going and make our way to the Channel Island hopefully a more hospitable place.

Rich on our way out of the anchorage, we could see the under belly of your boat due to the extreme rolling. Let’s hope it was only a temporary move, have a great boat show.

Version Française:

Nous avons quitte la tranquillité de Morro Bay après une courte traversée de quatre heures, nous espérions y trouver une jolie petite ville avec un bon ancrage! Mais bon… comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photo ci-dessous quelque chose nous est arrive! Pour ceux qui le savent sous notre lit se trouve la réserve aux pièces détachées!!!

Enfin, nous n’allons tout de même pas vous dévoiler tout d’un coup! Cette journée de voile a certainement été la plus agréable, un bon angle de vent et pas besoin de faire tourner les moteurs… Parfait. Avant l’entrée de Port San Luis, sur le bord de la cote a l’abri de tous les regards curieux se trouve une grosse centrale nucléaire! Bien cachée, en retrait de tout, une seule route y mène… Ainsi les habitants peuvent y vivre en toute tranquillité et même oublier qu’elle est ici…. Ceci explique pourquoi il y a un comportement étrange chez certains…. Une surprise pour Emma et Benjamin car a Vancouver c’est Non au Nucléaire !

Nous sommes arrives a Port San Luis, accueillis par le “Harbour-master” atteint du syndrome badge et arme a feux… semble-t-il!!! Effectivement il nous a souhaite la bienvenue en nous indiquant ou ancrer rapidement. Un peu confus avec ses explications n’avions pas pris la bonne direction…. Que voulez-vous, nous Canadiens nous dirigeons du Nord au Sud et non de l’Est a l’Ouest! Bref, nous nous sommes ancres dans 25 pieds, parfait! On ancre comme des pros maintenant.

Nous y avons retrouve un bateau d’Australie que nous avions vu auparavant, donc nous sommes allés leur dire bonjour. Ils sont sur la route depuis deux ans. Mais, nous étions tellement presses d’aller découvrir la ville d’Avila que nous avons décline leur gentille offre pour une bière, quelle idée… Nous aurions peut-être mieux fait ! En effet, en arrivant prés de la plage nous avions oublie de prendre en considération l’effet du « surf » !!! Bref, on tente notre chance ? Allez, un deux trois et voila nous nous sommes retournes en une fraction de secondes… le moteur, lui, n’a pas trop apprécié ! Mais durant notre petite mésaventure nous avons tout de même tout récupéré sur la plage chaussures et même lunettes….On a fait un effet fou sur la plage, trois hurluberlus a la chasse aux flip-flops… Le retour fut assez intéressant, on s’est encore retourne une fois, ensuite nous avons pris le temps d’observer, car il nous a fallu courir et compter la vitesse a laquelle la vague arrivait, et ensuite nager car Laurent devait monter en premier !! Un jeune mexicain nous regardait faire, et nous a propose son aide, il me regarde et me dit : « Mais qu’est-ce que vous faites ? Vous n’avez pas peur ? » « Euh, si au bout de la deuxième fois quand même un peu ! » Comble du comble ce sont nous les filles qui avons du ramer…. Emma a vite retrouve le rythme du dragon-boating, quant a moi Merci Papa et Maman pour les années de canoë dans le Sud de la France. Benjamin fut le plus malin, il est reste a bord, et s’est pris un malin plaisir a nous photographie bien sur !!

Nous sommes repartis des le lendemain, une fois les courses faites- encore toute une expédition pour le dinghy car il n’y a pas de quai !! Le vent avait tourne et nous avions encore besoin de passer Point Conception. Donc en route pour une « night-watch » !






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  1. Next time we want to beach the dingy I’ll have to remember to pull up this photo of all of you wet! Sounds like quite the adventure.

    Also, don’t you hate when some gun toting constable gets drunk off of the small amount of authority given them. My how they love to control things.

    Good luck and fair winds as you head south! Try to stay dry. =)

  2. Part of the learning curve and inexperience.

    Did you get my e-mail about all the Westsail we saw at Aquatic park

  3. Tom & Dawn says:

    We did our first dingy swim at Santa Cruise Island, funny how such at small wave can flip you so quickly 😉 Emma was very smart, Ben even smarter. The dry bags have saved our bacon many times.

  4. Happy to know that we were not too far ahead of you, now how many more time did you play in the surf lol So we know

  5. Yes, we did, I thought Dani had typed a reply to you but I guess not. Sometimes we get mixed up on who should respond to emails. Very cool. The Westsails are everywhere!

  6. Apparently the Bay area has one big rendez-vous every year and a strong owner association. Plane ride next summer.

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