From Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

After a good night rest regrouping and one load of laundry it was time for us to depart and leave the home of the Maverick. Once more we were kindly surprised by a warm shower at the yacht club, so far one of the best one, Thank you for allowing us!

The Maverick, what is it? You may wonder, and Thanks to our daughter Emma who has been fascinated by the surfing world in the last months, we got educated. The Maverick is one of the birth-place of the surfing world, in fact this monster wave is created right out of the breakwater by the abrupt reef topping at 7 feet under the water. It is very close, and it reaches the harbor in seconds, indeed a wall of 50 ft of water sweeping you sideways… You miss it you are in the rocks!

Emma had to go and check the baby brother wave we had on the day!

I spoke of the derelict in a previous post, a true eye sore for any waterfront and a legal nightmare to get rid of them, but this one is really in need of an intervention “Hoarder” reality TV style. The magic and smell of a fishing port got our mind to wonder toward our day ahead: It all started with the wind in the right direction, even getting us to sail with the spinnaker. Unfortunately, the weather pattern had another idea and all changed quickly to the more common/well-known wind on the nose syndrome!

For all of you, who think we are living the life of basking in the sun, let us demystify this right away. Today was gloomy and reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, low clouds and misty with drizzle with a 15 degree range! In other words, there was no lunch on deck, but a nice butternut squash soup with piece of bread… Fortunately we had had our daily dose of excitement when the tack of our spinnaker blew out! (The open jaw shackle from the ATN tacker) and we had to take it down fairly abruptly with the help of two sleepy teenagers.

Talking about our teenagers, the warm family atmosphere is officially back. The big difference this time being no one can hide, or go away to friends making for some “fun time”. It’s about re-learning the art of living in a small community/space, with rules and regulation no-one can escape! Indeed, the “old farts” stay home all day!

I told you so: Just like home! with a touch of Brittany Cote sauvage.

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  1. Well we will see when we arrive in Mexico, but I am not to worry. Ensenada is well verse in the foreign vessel business.

  2. well if you have a lott of 1$ bills i guess its all OK.

  3. $1 doesn’t get you far in Mexico maybe 20 years ago GoBo LOL

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