Dear San Francisco,

You are so hospitable to sailors/cruisers; you know how to throw a party and your people are friendly. We have been here for 1 month today and under the Golden Bridge we sailed; today the only difference was, we chose our time of day and the 4 of us were onboard.

But first let us acknowledge you San Francisco: Even in an urban setting you know how to welcome visitors and accommodate their boat. We have had the opportunity to anchor in the center of the city; and it is not a small feast these days. We have had reciprocal in 4 different yacht-clubs that have been more than accommodating and 1 that well deserves to be passed over. If you are one day stopping in SF, don’t hesitate to contact us we will be happy to share with you the name and best deals, you can also read Livia and Carol’s blog (we used it a lot as inspiration.)

San Francisco, your public transport is second to none. Easily accessible and you even kept your antique trams maintained and well restored which makes it a pleasure to use. You can purchase a Tourist card for 3 days unlimited for $21, a bargain when you know that the cable car ride cost $6 each.

San Francisco you have some really neat neighbourhood, eclectic shops, and crazy people. We fell under your charms one more time; and admittedly we have been honored to be temporary citizen this last month.

Yesterday, we went around Haight-Ashbury and relived through our parents’ youth! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) We, then walked around towards Chinatown where we had planned for dinner, our cheap Dim Sum was closed, so we selected another dirty place. Unfortunately, we discovered that there were no Dim-sums on the menu, so we decided to depart after using the washrooms. And the following dialogue ensued as we were making our way out!…

Chinese waitress: You need to buy a drink, you used toilets.

Me: No we don’t.

CW blocking my way: Yes, you do f**^# you!

Me now in her face: Sorry what did you say?

Cw: F*#^ you, f*^$.. you!

Me 2 seconds later: Oh no! You not beautiful enough

That got her and she stopped, thank you for all the training we got in Vancouver, we were prepared. So not wanting to be found dead and transformed into Pork dumpling, I decided to get back to Colibri. In no time we were seated and enjoyed our last fancy dinner in celebration of:

Sale of the business

Laurent’s Birthday

Valerie’s return

Our last day in San Francisco

Being together in this new adventure!

For all this, San Francisco, Thank you!