A day in Los Angeles…

Sunday was dedicated to visit Los Angeles for our second day. Once we got oriented on this criss-cross of highway that cuts LA, we made it to downtown, unfortunately to welcome us they had decided to have a charity race and made it inaccessible. So we saw it from one side, then another side and again from that side but were not able to get inside. But that was not going to deter us, luckily I had done some research beforehand and Griffith Observatory was our first destination. What a view, the entire city and the Hollywood sign was impeccable!

Here is Huntington Beach with a halo of smog.

Our own movie set.

Valerie and her Mexican, or is it Laurent trying to not burn?

Yes the view is beautiful, the sun and unlimited visibility help.

Emma wanted to share with us one of her good address in West Hollywood, I must say one of the best restaurant burger I have had in years, the freshly cut French fries were a treat. For our trade friends, “In and out” will be the template if we ever do anything in the future. How can we duplicate this concept into a French version? Wait did you just hear that? Stop it now; we are not in that stage of our life…..

We could have stopped right here, but Beverly Hills was calling. To Valerie’s dismay, all the shops were closed on Rodeo drive. Where will I get my little black dress? Just kidding, we also passed that stage of our lives… Instead Trader Joe’s was a much finer replacement for that shopping spree. Ok let’s get out of here before we become like everybody else, so aware of who we are and try to make connection for this next gig…


En Francais:

Notre deuxieme journee a entierement ete dedie a la visite de LA pour Emma et Benjamin. Une rapide recherche nous a mene a l’Observatoire de Griffith. Vue sur tout Los Angeles imprenable et meme sur le signe Holywood! Une journee photo parfaite: les palmiers, les plages (et meme le smog, et oui bonjour la pollution… la voila notre empreinte carbon print!)

Grace a Emma nous avons meme tres bien mange! Les meilleurs Burgers que Laurent a mange depuis bien longtemps, pour Emma et moi version vegetarienne pas de souci, de vraies tomates, salade et fromage. Une idee bourgeonne: le meme concept avec la gastronomie francaise, ca marcherait? Oups, on revent debout! Plus de travail, plus de restaurant…. En tout cas une bonne adresse a retenir pour les grands-peres respectifs!

Apres ce “delicieux” lunch, en route sous une chaleur a tout casser vers Beverly Hills. Et la, oh desenchantement les magazins etaient fermes, mais ou vais-je trouver ma petite robe!?

A la place, rien de mieux que notre fameux Trader Joe’s pour les courses… En plus ils ont de delicieux chocolats!