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Long beach To Santa Catalina island Avalon Re provisioning was done, the water tanks filled, it was time for another destination. We took off in the fog and had a very enjoyable beam reach sail en route for Avalon. Avalon is legendary and famous among cruisers which usually is synonym in our view to overdeveloped […]

A day in Los Angeles…

Sunday was dedicated to visit Los Angeles for our second day. Once we got oriented on this criss-cross of highway that cuts LA, we made it to downtown, unfortunately to welcome us they had decided to have a charity race and made it inaccessible. So we saw it from one side, then another side and […]

Ventura, California

What a treat, a Harbor that has been developed properly with a nice mix of entertainment, a good fishing/boat yard balance, superb weather and a yacht club with amazing people. What else could we ask for? Nothing! Life is good at this stage of our cruiser career. The South Californian perfect picture, or for the […]