We had enough Rogue Beer, time to go.

We are at the point now where we had to make important decisions, we have development on the business front and one of our managers had to go home due to her father hospitalization. This was far from being an easy one, but we had to… so plane tickets were booked, a limo was arranged and by 8am this morning Valerie was in a town car towards Portland then Vancouve. Before anyone say it, I will : “a town car are you crazy!?” As for any major corporation president, we have standards. And in those guidelines if the bus is full you get an upgrade to a shared limo ride to get to that plane you have just booked. So… no questions asked!

During this time Ben was ensuring that the deck was clean, Emma was organizing the inside. In other words we were getting ready for step 2, and to leave quickly for newer horizon. The window was opening wind wise it was time to grab it and escape.

The fog greeted us at the exit of the port and didn’t leave us, actually at 5am the next day it hasn’t yet. We haven’t seen the horizon today. But what is not to love about the 100% humidity, your skin stay radiant, the rigging gets a soft water wash and it drops the remaining of the coal dust all over. With the temperature around 13 degrees, we don’t have to worry about de-hydration. This little “crachin Breton” for you Armelle, in plain English a fine mist that gets under your skin except if you have enough cider into your blood stream.

For the rest, life on board is good. Traffic is very sporadic, wind are as predicted, and we are counting  in seconds to get to those low latitudes.

We just passed Cape Blanco at 8.am and then the winds turned to be perfectly on our nose. Just to remind us we got lucky. If only this could bring a bit of warmth…

Because if there is one thing nobody tells you about cruising, is that the toilet seats are cold in Oregon!! And I hate cold contact with that part of my anatomy!…

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  1. Sound like a good Norwegian summer.
    sail safe, and do good speed.
    Have fun.

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