Walking the hills

After school today, we decided to take a walk into the Sausalito hills. Emma wanted to get lost in them, so we did our best to achieve it. At night the thousands of houses light up the hill in a magic glow, no mega structures but only private property dispersed among the trees. Winding roads and steep hills made for a great work out. On the way, we had thoughts for lots of people. Let me share them we you.

Valerie, do you remember when I picked you up the first time? Yes, we found one souvenir come flowing back.

Debbie, only a fellow countryman can have a plate like that, it’s “AWSOME”!

Very European in the atmosphere, and reminded me of my youth.

To Mum, this is the ultimate car plate puzzle!


The following photo are compliments of Emma and her vision of our Walk.

The day was capped off with an invite on-board Zwerver II, sailed by fellow BCA members Thea and Jonathan. A beautiful steel ketch, that went through an amazing 6 year rebuilt making me drool on some of the equipment and installs. Good company and amazing food made for a relaxing evening. Thank you again for your hospitality, looking forward to have you on-board our simple plastic boat.

Still the best reminder, that we are in California and that everything is possible, was when talking to a member at the Yacht Club. Emma and Benjamin were in the vestibule waiting for me to appear. Once I did, the gentleman asked before making a faux pas to ensured that Emma was not my wife “this is your daughter correct?”. Yes indeed, you have to love politically correct encounters! 

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  1. Haaaaa la “deudeuch” souvenir souvenir…. xxoo

  2. Welcome to San Francisco (bay)!

    If you are still in Sausilito, don’t miss breakfast (or lunch) at “Fred’s”.

    Fairwinds (and good wine…)

    SV Pelagia

  3. Thanks David for the recommendations.

  4. Debbie Nathan says:

    I love my vegemite number plate, you all need to appreciate the finer things in life that vegemite has to offer. Love to you all, Valerie and I are meeting for coffee on GI this Sunday, I will give her a hug for you all and send one back to you all via her.

  5. I knew you would get a kick out of that one LOL

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