The whities are touring!

For the last two days, we had been touring the city. It was a little bit of a shock to be surrounded by thousands of tourist at first, but we survived and discovered some neat parts of the city and some which you will have to read more on later. Our first stop was one place we knew well for we had stayed there in our “previous life”. It was the W, luxurious comfort and as per Emma noted “we had it good”.

First day after riding the cable car, we did the usual suspect downtown. Being cruisers on a budget, I was still able to treat my kids to a Dim Sum lunch for $15 and we had seconds! In the afternoon, I mentioned that we could take the T train line all the way along the Bay for a scenic ride. The first clues that the neighborhood was changing was the lack of Caucasian people on the tram. After a while, some teenagers came aboard and remarked that the “whities” must be on the wrong line and must be lost. The bars on the house windows and the rundown shops was an experience we haven’t had since we lived in Detroit and Philadelphia. After a U turn was taken we remarked that we had visited a part of SF the tourist don’t see often oops…!

Today, was a more researched day. One neighborhood per kid, we started with Castro. The legendary and amazingly active gay community, so much history had been made here. We will spare you the nude picture of the old man, which was fairly surprising for the States. Our own personal diva went to the hairdresser, what a show. You would think that the hairdresser was used to it… well maybe be not 15 years old ones!

That’s for mummy to make sure her little coco is still cute.

Second one, was Mission or hipster town. Trendy for sure, but fun and original, not really after living in Vancouver for 6 years. But the crème brulee cart made up for it, some stereotype were respected when the Hydraulic suspension car made their apparition driven of course by Latinos. Something’s don’t change in this country, East or West coast some things just don’t change.

We will leave you with some of Ben writing.

Things to do on a night watch.


   So your alone on a boat and its night. How did this happen, I’m pretty shore you know. It can get boring out there, so I’ve compiled a list of my top fav things to do while perfecting the art of sitting back and sailing in the blind.


 1: Time to face it people! We eat when we are bored, we eat when we are mad and we eat when we are hungry! It’s human nature, next to judging total strangers, it’s something we all do but rarely ever admit to. Oh, but except Hillary duff because she is the perfect teen girl! God Disney scares me, haha! Watch me now disappear , just picture it “a Disney cruise ship pulls up and all their devil mice carry me to my death” I just shivered out of fear. So, here’s what to do: step one go to the WalMart in the most ghetto part of town around and then raid the candy and cookie aisle, trust me you will be craving anything covered in chocolate and deep-fried.

2: This one is best if you have a partner, and not to mention I got it from one of the most moving and touching stories I have ever heard of… Finding Nemo! It’s from a scene when Dory and Marlin are swimming to “P SHERMAN 42 WALLABY WAY SYDNEY” (yah se,e fan girl here!) They are playing I spy with my little eye and its just the best pass time ever. Try it and it also helps you keep an eye out for anything hazardous.

3: Something I do almost always when bored and alone, is have a full on conversation with yourself! Not out loud like some crazy person, no in your head. It’s so much fun and you often get so side tracked that you forget about what you where doing in the first place and its just a whole whack of fun!

4: Make plans! There is no time like the future as I always say, well someday I’ll say it. Think of all the cool things you would want to do when you get to port, like for me I want to visit this cool house where in the 60’s the American Government funded and operated this house where they would hire prostitutes and have them get men and then drug them with LSD while then watching the effects on the unsuspecting man, sounds cool right?! Bet you wont find that on the Fromer’s leaflet!

5: Get a perfect fake back-story and name memorized, mine is Shirley Webstien and I’m in town visiting Lunesta Goldstein, seems legit right? I mean you never know if you get caught swimming in a private complexe pool and you need a quick reason for not having your fob on you, right? Or is that just me… nooo, I’m sure everybody does that!

6: In an effort to stay awake, down 3 red bulls and 2 cliff bars. The bars are so that you have something in your stomach for when you crash after 18 hours.

7: Solitaire! A tradition for night watchers around the world! (Well it is now, so shut up) As a matter of fact, I’m leavening you now for a new hand of cards, sorry!





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  1. ref Ben……Things to do on a night watch.
    If you get all this from a nigth watch, then collect it all and you will have a book in the end.
    it will be fun to read.

    one more thing, dont forget to keep an outlook during the nigth.

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