No post for the last two days but we have a good excuse, I promise teacher!!

All the bandwidth, from the meager internet connection we had was dedicated to finalizing the business transaction. And we are happy to report that all subjects have been removed, the deal closes on 30th of this month. Valerie will be back with us on 3rd of October, as she says she now has her ticket for the cruising life….

Another page in our life is turning, like many before. But for this one we were extremely fortunate and had 10 dedicated people surrounding us, thank you all to have made it possible. We will miss you.

I promise a longer post once I have changed the raw water pump on the port engine and once I change myself! 

There are some amazing photos as a AC45 played with our nerves…. An amazing skipper!

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  1. Congratulations on the sale. That must be a huge relief, now you can really relax and get into cruiser mode. Looks like that we might miss you by a week or so, we fly back to San Francisco on the 9th. A few other places to try are Treasure Island. There s a beautiful sand beach. You have to walk up and get permission for a 5 day stay. If you go over tuck right in close to the beach as this will get you out of the afternoon winds. If you need provisions you can get a recripocal at Emeryville marina and there is a Trader Joes nearby. It’s about a 10 min walk. You can also anchor by the AT&T stadium and there is a Safeway 2 blocks down. We also stopped at Angel Island, you can pull up for the day but they charge $28.00 per night for a mooring ball. There is no overnight at the dock. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Bay Area. See you further south.

    Rocky & Renaye
    S/V Euphoria

  2. We may just be out a few days before you. Funny you mention Emeryville that where we are seating now..

  3. Dean & Lynn S/V Solastra says:

    Congratulations on your sale!!! We are sure Valerie is pleased she has her ticket back to the family! Let Ben & Emma know that we truley enjoy their writing and do not mind replies or retorts to what we send! We look for your updates almost daily so keep the site happening!

  4. Thank you Dean and Lynn, I will have to get them to come and read the comment internet has been limited so far

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