Newport Oregon and an intruder…

We saw the best of people and the not so great in our first day in an “exotic port”, we call it the cruiser crash course.

Let’s start with the “not so great” side of human being. Last night around 11pm, we heard a commotion on deck; I woke up to find Emma with a three millions torch in one hand and Ben going frantic about people on the boat. I put my nose outside and saw nothing, at this point my bed was way too tempting and after all, we are in Newport, not Detroit (one of our previous life stop). Evidently, this morning, we were given a full report by Ben. He had even taken pictures from last night’s evidence and had a full account of the event matching the foot print on the deck. Might be my reason to keep our deck clean? Mm… Maybe not!

This was a good reminder that nothing must be left out at night! But really people you could have given a few more weeks of innocence… Now for our own safety, (because apparently we are *wayyyy* too trusting) we have promoted our son to the position of “Director of Security”. Indeed our sense of safety is not up to par and we need a more structured approach to the problem! Ben now has his own flash-light and is on guard! In other words, you have been warned: knock on the hull before you step onboard, or you will be in trouble.

Now for the amazing side, we are surrounded by fishermen at the moment, it is crabbing and salmon in full blast around here. In no time, we had made connections and today we were gifted with an all you can eat seafood buffet. My reflexes were back in no time: Everyone has been enjoying some tasting of salmon tartar and blackened albacore tuna on the dock at their return. I cooked all day, an amazing saffron fish soup for dinner, tomorrow lunch will be crab, ah life is good. When I mentioned the intruder last night everybody said “Wow, they have balls, we are all packing around here and we need crab baits”. Well now we really feel safe, in this lovely city.

Final task on our *to do* list today, was internet or the life of luxury. So Try and picture the four of us getting our internet fix at the wee hours, in the Laundromat of the RV Park. Quite the scene! Glamorous, I tell you!

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  1. Terry and Marti ( F dock Point Roberts ) says:

    Hi ,
    Following your journey , great website ! All the best of luck !
    Terry & Marti , svShambhala

  2. Thanks Terry and Marti, keep the gulf island busy, and we see a lot of boat like yours out on the blue water.

  3. Debbie Nathan says:

    Looking at passage weather with my very limited weather reading skills, I would look at leaving today, another weather system seems to be coming in on the 10th around San Fran. Sending hugs and happy sailing xxxooo

  4. Ahhhh Newport, I recognize the laundry room/internet cafe.

    Hope the weather holds for you guys.

    Bon Voyage


  5. Dean & Lynn says:

    Being a retired Police Forensic person, I should have taught Ben a few things to look for! I’m sure there would have been few accidental characteristics left on the deck or minutia if the person was pare foot. Besides, you need the proper magnifying glass for the examinations!!! lol… ttfn

  6. Thanks Pete, yes you never forget those magic pLace LOL…..

  7. Hello Debbie,

    Yes that why we moved to get in, the weather s closing quickly behind us.

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