Grade 10 Math….

Emeryville has been a wonderful stop, no wind, sunshine and a lovely dock. But what do you do in a bedroom community?

I re-learned math, when was the last time you calculated the surface area of a sphere or converted some obscure Imperial measure to metric? The good thing is that, I now know how many inches are in a foot, not bad for somebody who has been living in three countries using it for the last 20 years. It’s amazing what you learn again, when you give guidance to an adolescent. Don’t start with me, I know English would be helpful for this blog…..

Okay maybe we should let it out a little be more.

Another good chunk of the day, was dedicated to helping Valerie close the business. A few accounts needed to be terminated and some stocks needed to be sold but all is going according to plan. It’s just very strange to not be there to do it, when you are normally in charge of all this. It’s very hard to “Letitgo” and I am sure my better half could add a few chosen words here.

For relaxation I decided to tackle the raw water pump. Instead of being an ordeal, it was a walk in the park. I grabbed the part from the stock pile, removed the defective one and replaced it , all this was finished in under an hour. Now only if it was that easy to find a reasonable priced replacement or the small part we need to rebuild it…

It’s amazing the damage that sea water can do in such a short time frame. Here we are talking from days to a week.

Something else gets damaged by water, no it’s not a new sort of drug just Matcha Green Tea. Time for mummy to come home…


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  1. What kind of wine do I need to sell? I forgot… And Ben how does it feel to be under Matcha green? Oh.. gosh what am I going back to?? It’s time I come back, you are all going insane!…

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