First Two Days at sea, Washington Coast to Newport Oregon

The sunrise was spectacular, and even more so from the water, just like in the movies! We all survived our first night, no real excitement just a comfortable ride. With various pairs on watch at all time, we had no real traffic to talk about, nor to report.

We have arrived safely in Newport, and will wait for the weather to turn for the better. Did you know that Rogue brewery is a block from home, well that calls for a celebration in our book!!

So no wind direction post, but I feel it would be interesting to get everyone to write their first impressions:

Laurent here, the water is back to that blue that is only visible offshore from the right angle. I love it, so inviting and magic to stare at. The weather is deteriorating like predicted and we worked on our angle to get back to shore on one tack. I now understand the swell fatigue a lot better, making me appreciate the catamaran platform even more. The family was a lot more relaxed today, dinner was jovial and ludic. Thanks Sharron for that goody bag, made for a fun alcohol free aperitif (cocktail time) on the deck. And guess who got the whoopee cushion? You will have to wait for the picture.

Ham radio got us e-mail on demand and we have no problem connecting from anywhere, we made contact with Ron tonight loud and clear. More importantly and I would encourage anybody to have a contact on land, it makes for search of information much easier and at your request. Because you are tired, don’t have a clue on what you are doing, blinded by the fear or goal. You need a veteran/doner cruiser, ours is Tom from Warm Rain, he is available to provide us with invaluable advice. When “Buoy weather” doesn’t want to send me the forecast, or if I have a question we then can bounce to someone detached from the situation no problem, it’s priceless.

And again, the main realization for today is like so often in life when you feel you are ready in reality you are not so much! Fortunately all your tools and knowledge you have added throughout the years enables you to make it.

Valerie’s : Sailing with the full moon is a great bonus especially for the first night watches. I love being surrounded by only water and blue water all around it is simply mesmerizing. It gives you that same sort of feeling when you are watching the fire burning in the fire place, a warm cozy feeling. As Laurent mentioned previously it is also a great bonus to have someone on land who can relate to you and pass on his/her knowledge as well. Thank you so much Tom.

For me as always, sea-sickness is my companion, even with the scopolamine patch! Best way to keep it in the low is to try and rest as much as I can, watch the horizon and drink lots of water… Most of all have the swell with us helps.

On a family point of view, everyone is doing well Emma and Benjamin are rediscovering each other and helping out with every little task. Letitgo is now definitely part of the family, a nice home…

It has been said now at sea I am a little princess… Who would have thought, only at sea though, oh well!….

Emma here: All the apprehension and thoughts that came with our first “blue water” cruise were all for not too much in the end. All fear or anxiety was replaced by awe at Mother Nature and our sweet Letitgo. She really is the dominator out here and the animals are her right hand man, everything is linked and they all know how to co-exist marvellously. It’s amazing to be able to witness it first hand and be a bystander to all the action. Our Letitgo takes everything in stride and keeps us all comfy and on the right track, she’s handling all this swell amazing. Night watches have been beautiful, with the moonlight guiding us and the swells pointed in the right way it’s a joy! During the day I’ve had time to relax and unwind all while catching up on magazines, knitting and some great flicks. Thank goodness Mum has us fed well, and with tasty recipes at the ready (for when she’s really not feeling too peachy) for her great meals have kept us in top notch well-being. I just want to give a huge Thank You to everyone on land that has made this journey just that bit more fun and comfortable, Sharon and Ray: Thanks for the rad tunes and the best goody bag that gets everyone (yeah EVERYONE!) super stoked for dinner. Tom and Dawn: Thanks for keeping us in top shape with a great meal and shower before we left, and the safety of knowing we have your guidance. I’m going off to dry off in the sun and enjoy the last of this smooth ride before we hit Newport!


Ben here, as promised I am keeping all my land loving friends back home up to date on the fam-jam adventures. To my disappointment and surprise the second we turned left to go down the coast, I was not greeted by a flood of silver dolphins and pool boys with silver trays, also flooded with margaritas. But the Captain assured me that as soon as we braved this monsoon of torrential nauseating weather I will be rewarded. But on the bright side the water has changed from muck thick tar green black to a crystal blue. You know I really don’t know why everyone makes big deals out of these passages… I mean who doesn’t want to bask in the sun all day and catch up on my movie watching skills. I am sure that I have luck on my side, you see the first thing I picked out of the goodie bag was a PEZ dispenser and my second treasure was not one, but five PEZ refills!… Right now I don’t want to seem full of myself but that just reinforces the notion that I truly am a Buddhist high spirit reincarnated into this flawless body, what can I say I just got lucky. Anyways, my first impression is that I like the big swells more than the small whip waves that I am subjected to back home. One disappointment though is that we haven’t caught any fish, so I am afraid that we might have to resort to cannibalism to survive. One other itty bity problem is Emma. Gosh who would have guessed sharing a hull with your 19 year old sister is annoying?! Believe me; no boat is big enough for her and me. It’s nothing serious though… just Mamie and Pappy bickering. But should it escalate I am ready to call the coast guards and the homeland security tip line and let them know about our alien from France trying to sneak into Mexico for a new life away from her gangster enemies. Oh yes night watches, how fun I should have done this a long time ago staying up all night eating Twix and watching the full moon illuminate the path for us on this unforgiving ocean (Mother Nature believes in survival of the fittest.) Aside from the migraines and mortifying hallucinations coming from my seasickness patch (that I’m almost certain was expired). I’ve really got nothing to complain about, it’s been a nice sunny ride down with no huge threats, Oh god now I’ve jinxed us all!

See you in the south!                                                            Ben.

Yes he is 15 years old!!!!

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  1. Ben,
    our 15 year old, dont want to come with us, how do i “make here want to come with us on a year tripp” and then back to school.
    i need help.
    Here sister on 19 is ready, and us, old folks is ready, also.

    Geir ove

  2. Dawn Kelly says:

    Hey Letitgo family!!! Glad to read that all is well! Checked out Newport on Google maps…so know exactly where you are. Safe travels! Love love xoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks Dawn We are safe had a beer at Rogue Brewery and fresh Albacore Tuna and it’s sunny what else can we ask for.

  4. I will ask Ben to answer you once he wake up mid day, then the creative juice got to be flowing so maybe by later tonight LOL

  5. Debbie Nathan says:

    What wonderful insightful comments by all of you, I loved the family photo. So loving reading your blog and knowing I can still keep in contact with you all. Big hugs and kisses.

  6. well i am flattered that you chose me to answer this life altering question… your 15 year old is not thinking long term she wants to say in her safety zone but all you need to do is entice her with sweet promises of white sand beaches and fun in the sun (you are going south right…) and night long party’s on billionaires yachts. most importantly you need to do what my parents did. give her no choice sell your home store your valluebels figure out how to retire or work your way from port to port (that’s what kids are for) and remember its an experience of a life time don’t let her make the biggest mistake of her life. besides all her feelings of not wanting to go will be over run by the initial adrenalin and her realizing that school can be finished all in 4 months and for the next 8 months she can partying it up in the Bahamas or wherever your going. just think of the bonds she and her sister will make like me and Emma together on night watches with a full moon the sky full of stars waves silently lapping against the hull yep that should do it!

  7. Thanks Deb We try to keep the blog updated even when we have sunshine, enjoyable sea temperature and to much fun.

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