An educational day on the cheap.

Sunday morning was an early one, no lazy sleeping-in for this crew. We had to get some education into those kid’s heads, it’s not just all tours of the different crazy neighborhoods. My local friend, Mr. Google had mentioned a free admission to the California Academy of Science. So in turn, this was the destination, as it was for about 3,000 other of his closest friends. We arrived one hour before opening time (only because I didn’t check the time, not by choice) and the line was already 4 blocks long. We were not the only people on a budget around here. But as we exited, I inquired about the regular admission price, $29.95 per person, now I understand better!!!

San Francisco the way we imagine it.

Same animal family, but such a different cover.

Overall, it was a great summary of the country, we wish to visit in the next few years. To see the Costa Rican tropical forest and howling monkeys, the back tipped sharks and rays, and the Galapagos flora and fauna was just so reminiscent of the blog posts we read from our friends all over the world. The rest of the day was devoted to more lucid fauna, let me introduce to you the “surfer dude”, you can find him at the end of N train line at Ocean Beach. He is apparently attractive to some parts of our tribe…

Finally, the ones we hadn’t expected to come close to on a regular basis was “the swimmer” in its natural habitat of Aquatic Park. He is present on early mornings and before sunset mainly. One aspect of his behavior that we can’t explain is his predisposition to like to swim between the hulls of Catamarans. Finally we found a negative to Letitgo…

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  1. Just hand a brush to Mr. Swimmer and ask him to scrub the hulls while he is down there. 🙂

  2. Genius, your are a genius let’s see if the new aerobic session take off, it’s the west coast after all….

  3. Perhaps they are just checking to see if you are using your holding tank?

  4. They could be David, but the nice thing about the lagoon 380 you have to use them no Y valve to divert directly out. So they are safe…

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